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  • Cultural Appropriation

    Im fed up of Black people straightening they hair and dying it blonde naaah mean. But yet they say its ''cultural appropriation when some white person as dreads LOL... oh the hypocrisy and double standards. But either way its not cultural appropriation in the slightest dreads don't belong to blacks... just because a few in Jamaica have them these days... white native tribes in Europe like Vikings and celts had dreads thousands of years ago.... so explain that then. Its just another crappy faggot hairstyle to me.... I SHAVE MY HEAD LIKE A REAL MAN !!! BECAUSE HAIR IS A FUNGUS.

    Its basically ''double think''' is all this... people say we need to ''tolerate other people'' that we are ''multicultural'' and ''celebrate differences''... but yet when people then take an interest in other peoples perceived ''culture'' then it becomes ''cultural appropriation'' LOL. MAKE UP YOUR MIND THEN !!! DAMNED IF YOU DO. DAMNED IF YOU DONT.

    Maybe I should stop ordering currys.. as that could be ''cultural appropriation''. And ill put these businesses out of business... and they should stop eating my fish and chips etc etc.

    just played a game and a guy says in it.. ''they is a a lot of hypocrisy in the world'' and he is absolutely right.

    People talk about unity but what they really want is SEGREGATION !!.

    Blacks moaned about jim crow and apartheid BUT YET blacks are putting themselves back into segregation themselves... everyday.