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Feminism is the ENEMY of BOTH Women and Men

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  • Feminism is the ENEMY of BOTH Women and Men

    Feminism was never designed to better humanity or society, it was designed by the enemy of all our souls to destroy the family unit, men's role in society and God's plan, it has done its demonic job very well and has only gotten worsen. Feminism is an extremely gender egotistical understanding and should be seen as an offence to all of humanity...

    God used Adam's rib to create Eve..
    Not a piece of his skull, so not to be superior
    Not a piece of his foot, so not to make her inferior
    God picked the rib so for her to stand by his side. Thus being equal despite their difference with different roles of equal value.

    God saw that Man was alone so God created Woman so they could be together. Men and Women need each other. And so this is why THE DEVIL is trying to destroy the family unit.

    Women who continue to be brainwashed by this satanic disease are just gonna end up alone and miserable.. ironically feminism is destroying feminimity and making women look like men.. what is feminine about that ?.

    Its about time now women started waking up... and started DEFENDING and SUPPORTING and LOVING they OWN MEN AGAIN.

    They is nothing more attractive then a feminine conservative woman with morals and values that knows God, that loves and supports and defends her man even if she isn't that ''good looking'' because of her views and her inside she is a REAL WOMAN. A woman you would die for. A woman worth dying for and protecting.

    its up to women what path they want to take... but one leads to Salvation and the other leads to Damnation

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    Feminism was also created not just to break up the family unit but also in order to get women to work IN ORDER to start paying tax and also so that with more loneliness people become more divided which leads to everyone been easier to control.