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  • MGTOW Confirmed !!

    Been MGTOW all my life even before I heard about it a few years ago...I have always been awake to society and women..and I have NEVER liked it.. even as a little kid I knew this world was fucked up... I saw all the brainwashed ''liberal'' idiots all around me... I felt like I was the ONLY ONE AWAKE.... red pilled since birth !!.

    Anyway What is in a relationship for a man these days ?. GO ON TELL ME ?. WOMEN TELL ME WHAT IS IN A RELATIONSHIP FOR A MAN THESE DAYS ?... ANSWER IS ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING !!!....

    They is nothing in a relationship for a man these days.. everything is against us we are treated like shit by everyone and everything we have no rights and are considered disposable BUT YET IT IS US THAT BUILD THE WORLD AND INVENT THINGS. But as I have said the world bites the hand that feeds it.

    the only people who are in relationships these days are simps and cucks it seems.

    the ONLY THING a woman as to offer a man these days is SEX THATS IT !!… and if a woman refuses to give a man that THEN LOL they is absoltuleu NO POINT IN BEEN with a woman.. because all they do is drain you of your money and resources. FUCK FEMINAZIS !!.

    I don't know why beautiful women are listening to feminists and been brainwashed by them to hate men... these ugly disgusting blue and pink and green haired women only hate men because they cant get one and they hate women who can get them... soo they have gone lesbo and they are trying to get the women that can get men to hate on men too because they jealous bitches.

    Women are DONE... as soon as sex androids and robots come out THAT IS IT.. WOMEN WILL NOW KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE DISPOSABLE.

    I thank God I am still a virgin.. BY CHOICE... I could have had sex many times.. but it is not worth it for me I like to concentrate on self improvement and spirituality with GOD. GOD AND HEAVEN IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME. Then meaningless sex.

    Just read a article about how women in American are gonna go on sex strike against men which don't want to murder babies.... You American women are fucking weirdos seriously..... You are destroying yourselfs, your men and your own country..... your morals and values are fucked up.

    I am just sat back laughing my head off as the world gos insane.

    BUT AHH its not women doing sex strikes against men... IN REALITY IT IS MEN DOING SEX STRIKES AGAINST WOMEN AHHH..


    Because I just don't want anything to do with women anymore... I don't flirt with them, I don't talk to them unless I have to... and I don't even look at them as I pass by..... they DO NOT DESERVE MY LOVE OR ATTENTION

    Eastern women look at American and western women in disgust and think fucking idiots... they wish they could get a western man... Eastern women DESERVE Western men... Western women DO NOT
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