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  • This is Why WESTERN Women are CANCER !! THE FIGHT BACK BEGINS !!!

    NO SUBMITTING !!!!!!! NO SURRENDER !!!!!!!!!!

    its time to say shit how it IS... cos I don't fuck about anymore....

    I don't hate western women... you have to love them to hate them... and I certainly do not love them... I feel nothing for them now.. and that is even worse.

    They was a story about a typical western woman... who probably is against Brexit, supports mass immigration and is a feminist..

    Anyway... she was on a train and got attack by the a man.... but yet instead of blaming the man who attacked her in the paper she said.. she ''forgave her attacker''... she never mentions the attackers race... But yet SHE BLAMES the ''White Men'' more who didn't do anything to save her.... Hahaha INSANITY !!!... THIS IS THE FUCKED UP WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW ISNT !!!.... the fucking attackers don't get blamed they get forgiven.. but yet the innocent bystanders get the blame instead ???.. THE FUCK ??….. She never mentions the attackers race.. either.. IF HOWEVER HE WAS WHITE.. she would have definitely a mentioned that... EVIL WHITE MAN ATTACKS HER BLAHBLAH BLAH..... more anti white shit..... It is reported however her attacker was a dindu nuffin Asian ofcourse. But I feel sorry for Asians such as Chinese who also get branded as ''asian''.... we all know the attacker was a muslim.. not Asian. NOT CHINESE. Because they actually work and don't commit any crimes.

    and another thing... arnt women supposed to be ''equal'' therefore since she a big strong independent woman she wont need help of a man.. since yanooo women can do everything better then men..... and especially help from the white men this white bitch hates ?.

    …also watch a show the other day talking about in the future with AI etc... and the stupid white bitch that was speaking was constantly hating on white men and talking bad about white men... but yet this stupid bitch needs to look in the mirror she is white herself... and you could see all the black women in the audience laughing and smirking...… DISGUSTING just... disgusting.....

    I find it really funny and really bizarre how the world as gotten..... the satanic illuminati elites have done a real good job fucking everything up turning everything inside out and upside down..

    SOCIETY HATES MEN.. ESPEICALLY WHITE MEN.. AND THEN EVERYONE ACTS IN DISBELIEF !!!... When a man either kills himself or dosnt help anyone in need WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE ?... WHEN WE JUST GET SHITTED ON FOR DOING SO ?.... and You help a child.. your a pedo etc etc... CATCH 22 SITUATION... YOU HELP.. YOUR A MYSOGNIST AND A RACIST... because ahhh your helping a big strong indepedant woman... also your touching hands on a coloured person and since they coloured they allowed to do whatever they want.... IF YOU DONT HELP... Your just a mysognist and deserve to go to prison yourself.... EITHER WAY THE INNOCENT WHITE MAN IS GOING TO PRISON FOR NOTHING.

    in South Africa the government is allowing people to seize white farmers land ….WHO FEED THE NATION.... THE WORLD BITES THE HAND THAT FEEDS IT..... and YET PEOPLE ACT IN DISBELIEF.... when the white man is ARMING HIMSELF TO DEFEND HIS OWN LIFE !!! He must be a racist because is defending IS GOD GIVING RIGHT TO LIFE !!!

    ONLY SUBHUMANS BREED THESE DAYS... other day scummy chavs threw a rock at my head for no reason after I already passed these cowards as I was walking down the street to go do a 12 hour night shift which probably pays for this scum with my tax money..... THIS IS SOCIETY NOW !!!...hearing everyday about constant knife attacks etc...… YOU CAN BE AN INNOCENT MAN AND BE KILLED FOR NO REASON !!…

    I SAY FUCK THE NEW WORLD.. AND FUCK SOCIETY AND FUCK WOMEN.....I don't feel safe anymore... I have a knife its a Nazi swastika in it it is a hitler youth knife found outside Hitlers bunker it is PROPPA ANTIQUE... AND I MEAN IT..... GOD HELP ANYONE WHO ATTACKS ME...… I stopped and look back hoping this scum would come back and walk towards me... they didn't because they where cowards... BUT IF THEY HAD A DONE... ALL 3 WOULD BE DEAD NOW.. and I would probably be in prison for life... just for DEFENDING MY OWN LIFE.... it would be worth it though.... at least I would have eradicated some subhumans.

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    Just curious, do people actually read all of worker's threads lol. I just come here to see the comments and maybe read a few lines.


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      Originally posted by MrWorker View Post
      NO SUBMITTING !!!!!!! NO SURRENDER !!!!!!!!!!

      in South Africa the government is allowing people to seize white farmers land ….WHO FEED THE NATION.... THE WORLD BITES THE HAND THAT FEEDS IT..... and YET PEOPLE ACT IN DISBELIEF.... when the white man is ARMING HIMSELF TO DEFEND HIS OWN LIFE !!! He must be a racist because is defending IS GOD GIVING RIGHT TO LIFE !!!

      Yeah to another 'white' man, it will read like that and yes my government in South Africa don't have a clue how to address the inequalities, but Luke, the fact is that 99% of the country wealth is in the hands of less than 5% of the population. And these are all white people

      While people of color have all the disadvantages as advertised, that we mention, when we complain about it. Original sin? To me it is that those who had superior social, technological, advancements, strive only to serve themselves and enslave the rest, with no view that if everyone is presented the same opportunities in life, we would all excel together.
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        In 1980 I started my first job after finishing school. It was as a photgraphic lab tech, doing printing, processing, etc, still on film and paper. Non digital. Spent 3 years there

        Earned the equivalent of 4£ a week by today;s standard [it had MUCH more value then, of course]

        In the second year some 'white dude' from England decides to come back 'home' here on his dual citizenship passport. [Which only white people have] and I teach him the job. We become close friends, a few weeks later he informs me his weekly salary is 70£ a week,

        That was apartheid bro, it was fucked up. Thats just a small snippet of what I experienced growing up here
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          apartheid still exists except now it is white people who are oppressed... if you are taking white farmers lands and lively hoods away INFACTS it is very similar to what the Nazis did the jews or what the communists did to farmers and poor peasants It dosnt create equality... it just makes everyone poor, takes away freedom and makes everyone further oppressed.... plus you are just starving yourselves on top of it.

          if you want true equality then you need to be an egalitarian and see EVERYONE AS EQUAL ACROSS THE BOARD.... you cant go from one EXTREME like oppressing black people to another EXTREME oppressing white people and calling that ''equality'' BULLSHIT. It is exactly same as feminism, Feminism says its about equality.. well proofs in the name it isn't about equality is about female superiority.

          white farmers are just as poor as everyone else only difference is they have land and they feed the nation.... if you want the REAL PEOPLE who control all the wealth why not target the SUPER RICH who live in comfortable gated luxury areas like the illuminati elites who do all this social engineering satanic shit or the politicians etc ?..... why target the poor farmers who feed you ?. Lol it dosnt make sense to me... it is the same as what Mugabe did and now look at is country.. they are begging white farmers to return now he as been taken out of power.
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