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Whats your Favourite Animal Or Animal you relate too ?

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  • Whats your Favourite Animal Or Animal you relate too ?

    My favourite pets are cats.

    But outside of pets... my favourite animals I can relate to are moles ahh yeahh... they remind me of me... Loners that have nothing to do with anyone or anything of they own species or any others. They creat and stay in they own homes underground by themselves alone and that's it.

    Same with me ahh like I do in my man cave... id never leave the house if I could... id just stay here all the time, I don't need or want anyone.... I arnt social at all... they say humans are social.. well I arnt.. that's just bullshit so that they will force us all to go out and work and mix and become dumb down... I do work.. hard as a lathe machinist. but I don't have anything to do with anyone.. I just go to work get paid than back home in the man cave YEAHHH naah mean... KEEPEN SHEEEIT REYAALL.

    I don't need or want anyone naah mean... I want to be left the fuck alone I want to be away from all the pointless bullsheeit of society ahhhh

    if we reincarnate ahh wanna come back as a mole.
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    fuck cats

    a dog guy all the way


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      I think u should be a rhino because they're sensitive and emotionally caring and social animals
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        Originally posted by Eli_462 View Post
        fuck cats

        a dog guy all the way
        you should get a better girlfriend mate


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          my favourite Pets are Reckaholics


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            fighting snails

            risky to keep but worth the effort
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