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Do You Still Search For The Name KS?

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  • Do You Still Search For The Name KS?

    Its true,

    I am officially TMB Famous, some say the special one, the one who needs no one, builds teams and unions in under one round, popular 2 sugars in a white tea cup, made tea look Gangster.

    IURU - Misses KS
    Ohana - Need KS
    TMB Staff - Loves KS
    BH - Hates KS
    UC - Remembers KS
    Nameless - Want KS
    FH - Unaware of KS
    Haters - Search for KS per Round
    IC - Birth of KS
    Loco - Likes KS (occasional)
    New players - Miss training from KS

    I am currently On and Offline, always open to hate mail and attacks.

    We will all play again soon, I am sure TMB Staff and a few players will welcome the return but for now I am relaxed and chilled, isn't an action or message that could make me act.

    Enjoy the peace and quite for now.

    Like You Only Better

    Love and Regards


  • #2
    No one gives a rat turd about you buddy. Uour family is a joke your a joke and even tmbis a joke


    • #3
      Ohana needs nobody that is so hard up for attention
      How did it feel finishing beneath us to the point you were crying about running away after silly witless attempts at besting us
      You even had your so called union run to Ronin a real family (which also is home of many Warhounds)
      The fact you needed a post to validate yourself to yourself says enough kid


      • #4
        LOL! Im a new player, been here for 16 rounds, If I had this much of an affect on you then the post remains TRUE ahah!

        Ohana My union Finished above you the round before LOL, If i am taking a break its means just that not due to Ohana ahahaha

        Love me Klown


        • #5
          To Be Clear - Old members were never new players they went back to original families...

          New players - I recommended families Ronin was one.


          • #6
            Delete your entire existence....tea sputters


            • #7
              You were actually a wank until you mum jumped on


              • #8
                ahahahahahahahahhahahaha wouldn't expect anything less elmo lol

                Love you


                • #9
                  Blah blah blah
                  Tooting a short lived horn
                  Almost as if you came from a Rome multi
                  Bring families back from the brink of no return, Make a union in 1 round that lasts over a year of committed and loyal players
                  Oh and when even enemies hold a level of respect for ya then talk about being relevant
                  When we collide you always lose and that is something you must live with


                  • #10
                    What was that message we took a screenshot of
                    How Klown was solely responsible for their split
                    We killed the fun because you broke your word
                    I'm sure if I had a post tooting my own horn my achievements outshine anything and everything you could ever dream of accomplishing
                    But feel free to desperately grab for attention on a name and union tmb has already long forgotten


                    • #11
                      we collided 5 rounds ago and won? myself with 7 new players beat your whole union..must be a low blow that!!!

                      Must feel bad - look its cool I understand, competition sometimes brings hate LOL but I never knew you loved me this much...

                      I get bored plus another holiday booked for next week means I wont be active :-)

                      Ill come back for you when i am free


                      • #12
                        You never won shit
                        You sucked a dick for subs and turns
                        Hit late on a round my union was 1 stars
                        Next round we deleted you
                        Now you sound like Rome


                        • #13
                          No ones forgot ahahahahah looks like you remember me very well and what I did to you guys, I am so sorry if I have touched you on a personal level

                          same with Detroit being on lock down pffffttt

                          You love me


                          • #14
                            I believe different

                            -collecting union-

                            rank union boss value
                            1. iC_WePlay_uC Bravo $60,464,741,135,510
                            2. UC_The_Good_Guys Hollywood_Hubert $37,293,748,284,880
                            3. MOBSTER_CLUB LYFT $29,321,255,647,217
                            4. Debt_Collectors KS $20,206,389,173,681
                            5. Ohana dmx $14,925,985,396,229

                            Its okay to hate me after that


                            • #15
                              This is why you are on your keyboard crying to be relevant
                              You are just a failed failure that only has a forum to rely on