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Howecome women dont like virgin men ?

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  • Howecome women dont like virgin men ?

    You know like we men prefer a woman to have as less mileage on her vag as possible preferably to be a virgin... in this world however doubt that is possible anymore... so have as less mileage as possible. Because you know most of us like things clean.

    Women though they seem to be put off by a man that's a virgin so it seems to me that women prefer a man that cock is dripping with other womens diseased vaginal and ass juices over the years. I woulda thought women would also like men prefer a man with as less mileage as possible.. I woulda thought so.

    im confused.
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    Sure, get yourself a girl that can't take a dick and just lays there looking terrified, that's the best

    Women don't like you because you couldn't fuck your way out of a paper bag, and they can all tell


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      Not really trying to offend you buddy