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Women are Gonna End up Lonely and Miserable

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  • Women are Gonna End up Lonely and Miserable

    That's what feminism is designed to do.

    Feminism is the enemy of men and women and the family.

    Feminism was created PURELY in order to divide people further break up the family the backbone and strength of a moral society and country.. and just like all the race baiting organisatons like BLM.. they not they for equality they they purely to cause further chaos and division So it keeps peoples eyes off the real enemy THE GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE BEHIND GOVERNMENT.

    when you are awake and take the RED PILL you can clearly see the cancerous and degeneracy of these ideologies and what they designed to do.

    Feminism was created in order to make women pay taxes and so it stop them from having familys or big familys like the good old days... so this creates loneliness and loss of family connections.. since people are having less and less kids and people are just basically slaves to system even more nowadays. AND people are sleep walking into they own slaughterhouses.

    Anyway.... because of feminism and the degenerate way that modern women act especially in the west.

    Men are now doing 1 of 3 things

    1 Killing themselves

    2 Turning gay for love


    3 going MGTOW

    women don't realise just yet.. but they are making a massive mistake because in a few years time when women get older and they don't have a family or cant find a man... they gonna realise then how much they fucked up they life with pointless unfruitful ideologies of selfishness like feminism and SJW bullshit and NWO agendas. Which as done NOTHING but fuck up they own lifes. and now they live a miserable lonely existence.

    KARMA GOS AROUND.... and women will suffer.. from they own doing.

    Some are finally waking up to it though but still the majority of society is brainwashed and dumb down and acting like zombies sleep walking into they own slaughterhouses.

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    Bitches just be needing to get with tahh programme n get on tahh NUtzz nah meannnn