I Love this film, it is a dark comedy but it is very true to life. and tells the other side of the story and its basically just all the ridiculousness of society which can push a man to breaking point.


Its about a working class man who just cracks and as a fucking enough.. he as lost is job because of the government sticking its nose into business... his wife as divorced him and more importantly taking his child away from him... Soo he sets off simply and honestly to go give is kids a present for her birthday.... meanwhile along the way... he comes across the degenerates of society which are constantly causing trouble with him and getting in his way for no reason.... like degenerates do.

He gos into a shop... the foreign shop keeper cant even speak English or show respect to the country he as moved to... which is same with some immigrants that come to a country and then don't even want to integrate and even hate it YET don't want to leave but they decided to come here in the first place.

He as a rest and some street trash gangbangers think they can steal from him so he turns the tables and kicks the shit out of them. exactly as it should be done.

he gos into a mcdonalds wants to simply order breakfast but cant because he is 2 minutes late so all the breakfast basically gos to waste so its abig waste of food..... and ya cant buy a burger...;;;cos they got noo meat n that''''..... I once went to a mcdonalds order one of the specialites and they said that too me... I just drove off IDIOTS.

wants to get some new shoes and as the gaay agenda and all the race baiting bullshit thrown in his face.

Walks down street cant get a bus because of everyone pushing past and filling it up.. pointless roadworks... because the companys want they extra funding all the corruption at peoples expenses

Druggie scum constantly harassing him for money.

takes a short cut and wanders into some Rich Cunts massive gold course.... and his welcomes by the greedy jew owners golf ball that nearly hits him in the face and kills him... so he gets his shotgun out and gives the owner a heart attack hahaha. Greedy rich bastard.

then the last enemy the police are the problem.... stopping him from finally seeing his own child when he finally gets there.

and in the end... he kills himself.

Before telling a speech about how he as worked hard is all life building rockets to defend his country... just for it to basically betray him.

and who can blame him.... this is exactly how the world is. IT IS AGAINST THE COMMON WORKING MAN