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The 3rd Temple been Built

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  • The 3rd Temple been Built

    I don't believe the temple was on the so called temple mount or dome of the rock. Its was away from there... But anyway very soon the 3rd temple will be built ahhh and when it is THEN WE KNOW the end is IMMINENT !!... because ahhh the anti Christ will sit on it and declay himself God.. that will be satan and satan will reveal himself then, but by then a lot of people across the world would have already taken the mark of the beast.. the mark of the beast is most likely transhumanism

    I am defenately never doing anything like this... I barely use a mobile.. unlike most of the zombies these days. I also prefer to still use cash.. I am never getting a chip in me. So I am never getting a robotic arm for instance.. ridiculous I AM WHAT I AM.. I don't agree with sunbeds, plastic surgery etc etc... it is all vain and superficial and a sin.. people need to learn to be happy with themselves the way that GOD MADE THEM 100%. The bible says as such with the potter and clay.

    But the Jews don't accept Christ... so they gonna believe that satan is they messiah and once they build the 3rd temple they gonna be worshipping satan unknowinglgy... this is why I think a large numbers of jews.. clearly go against they own religion and Gods laws and morality it is because they are trying to bring about the end times as soon as possible.. BUT IT WILL BE DONE IN GODS TIME... NOT MANS !!!...

    Only Christ saves and Christ saves all who accept he died for you and your sins.
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