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GLOBAL FASCISM !l and micro flats and AI

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  • GLOBAL FASCISM !l and micro flats and AI

    Communism, Capitalism, Cultural Marxism, feminism, gay agendas, mass immigration agendas, SJW, BLM, etc etc.... is social engineering and is all designed together to create a NEW WORLD ORDER OF CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION TO CREATE GLOBAL FASCISM !!!...

    feminism wasn't about giving women equality... it was about destroying feminimity ironic right ?. it was also about taxing women... and so more children would go to school to be brainwashed in the brainwashing centre and it would also destroy the nuclear family and the loyalty to the man... so the man the men of society would lose they support and meaning in life soo that had no will to fight back against the system.

    mass immigration so that it confuses everybody further like feminism but also so that over time it eradicates race because then when everyone is the same everyone become further easier to control then they can begin a mass eradication of a 3rd of the world population.

    now micro flats are beginning to exist.... ''because they isn't enough land in the world'' hahaha... but the government want to cram people all in to tiny spaces in a large city tightly packed... which is massively unhealthy but they don't care about that they never cared about they people and soon with the creation of AI people will be guarded by AI so if anyone tried to escape these citys the AI will kill them on site.

    But I believe everything that is happening now is the precursor and soon they will be ww3 that will begin the mass eradication of a 3rd of the world AND THEN these cities and micro apartments will emerge for the survivors and the survivors will be litteral slaves more or less.

    People have absolutely NO IDEA what they are doing when they support AI and better technology... it is all leading to our death and enslavement. Mobiles phones TVS.. ETC THE GOVERNMENT CAN SEE YOU THROUGH YOU TV AND MOBILE SIGNAL FOR FUCKS SAKE... we are basically slaves now... everyone working away getting into debt and then working as a slave to pay off the debt for years... mortgages bills etc...


    EVERYTHING IS BACK TO FRONT THESE DAYS and SATANIC... like the freemason saying gos'... order out of chaos and learn people to speak backwards and walk backwards and count backwards.... that is why everything is back to front these days... because back to front is SATANIC.
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    too many sheep. brainwashed by mainstream media.


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      That is all.
      I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

      Gen. Mattis