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Garden Of Eden Is In The North Pole

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  • Garden Of Eden Is In The North Pole

    I now think that the garden of eden is in the north pole... it is pretty obvious... God kicked man out of the garden after adam and eve ate the apple and we cant go back.... and they are 2 north poles.. a geo pole and a true north pole... that's just so governmants can add to the confusion.... but nobody is allowed to the north pole without special permission the same as nobody is allowed to Antarctica without special permission.... and that green light we see that they call the northern lights..... REALLY that is the glow of light from the greatness of the garden.. when we go into that light we are transformed to our true self our higher self and go to a greater realm.. but we are trapped here on earth in this realm. And since the earth is flat the north pole is in the centre the garden of eden is in the centre it makes perfect sense. and then from there humans spread out all over the plain
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    9/11 was an inside job. Bush the knob did it cuz


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      listen to Immortal Technique and lowkey.