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Western Men Go MGTOW Or Go EASTERN

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  • Western Men Go MGTOW Or Go EASTERN

    This is what am doing now. The western world as far as I am concerned is GONE and is DEAD... it died in 1914 at the start of ww1 because all the real men where then killed off and women where real women and wernt yet diseased by the lies of feminism ... and then in 1945 the last attempt to make western civilisation survive was defeated by the traitors and cowards. so since 1945 the western world and been becoming more and more degenerate with feminism, gay agendas and multiculturalism agendas.

    Only subhumans breed these days..... lazy welfare wasters fast disgusting slaaags and drug addicts and other scum who pump and dump and then commit crime and go to prison.... yahh noo all the kind am talking about. People who think that the world owes em something.

    Soo I have been left with no choice.... why the fuck would i..... I !!! WANT TO BE WITH A WESTERN WOMAN ?... A EVIL TRAITOROUS BITCH ?. Nooo fucking waaaayy...... western women have become cancerous..... i am going EASTERN !! where women are women.... but first am gonna be mgtow and get my own life sorted out and then i am abandoning this sinking ship and I'm starting a new life abroad in a moral spiritual country with common sense. let the drug addict criminals and rapefugees and durty disgusting fat slaaag feminist traitors have this sinking ship as it swirls down the fucking toilet hahaha.... FUCK THIS SATANIC SHITHOLE...... HAAAILLL MYSELF /////////

    I consider Asia as the last hope for humanity for it still as smart people, common sense and a great culture and spirituality which i respect unlike anywhere else in the world. Europe was once great as now become shit... North America was once great as now become shit.... South America is shit.... Africa is Shit.... Asia is the only Good thing left
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