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A Song and Animation About My LiFE Anthem For All LONERS

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  • A Song and Animation About My LiFE Anthem For All LONERS

    This is exactly me a loner who all he as is his cats.... this must have been made totally about me. but after all I said it before ill say it again ahhh why do we need women when we already got pussy ahhh and who gives a fuck about having friends ? who are also backstabbers ?. Atleast cats are loyal and caring... unlike women and humans in general... All I need is myself and my cats... shame it as to be like this but this world is filled with brainwashed idiots and Satanists. I don't like this immoral, hypersexualised, evil satanic society. Everything is back to front these days am I the only one who can see it ?. when you are a loner and observe things like me you pick up on the agendas and all the bullshit... this is why society dosnt like loners. BECAUSE WE ARE AWAKE.

    I am mid 20's and I don't have any social media (which is a tool for government to keep track of people ) I don't even use a mobile LOL.... I bet that is a shocker for most people but that is how much of a loner I am. I been in isolation a lot of years.... I tried to reach out went on dating sites etc to ''get myself out there''... NEVER doing that again. waste of money and time.

    So I have decided I am better off alone from now on with my cats ahh. I WALK ALONE FROM NOW ON NOO MESSING ABOUT... I AM CONCENTRATING TOTALLY ON MYSELF.

    But yeah this song and animation is exactly like me a loner who was walking home from shopping at night in the pouring down rain and I saw a homeless cat that some rotten person as thrown in the bin so I took it home and brought it back to life and it sadly died 3 years later after getting knocked down but I have rescued many cats which are still living and are now happy.

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    Don't you have friends from school or uni.