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Women Got Vote 100 Years ago MEANWHILE Men Where Dying At War

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  • Women Got Vote 100 Years ago MEANWHILE Men Where Dying At War

    I find it totally disgusting.

    100 years women won the vote... everyone acts like they went through hell to get it..... MEANWHILE MEN where really going through hell fighting and dying in the trenches seeing HORROR everyday.

    this is what women are though TRAITORS.

    women are traitors and cowards.

    working class men where out fighting at war defending they nations and they women from been raped and killed by invading armies. meanwhile the women are back home STABBING THEY MEN IN THE BACK.

    REST IN PEACE TO ALL THE REAL MEN THE LAST SURVIVING REAL MEN THAT DIED IN WW1..... All the real men died and today we are just left with traitors, cucks cowards and criminals... pfffftt pathetic. we need to reopen the gulags. re-education by bullet to the head for this evil scum.


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    men went to war,,,

    women took thier place, working the land, munition factories , mining.. to keep the country going.. FOR THE MEN.. and looked after the home and family too.. research before beint a total fucking dick , ONCE in a while.


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      ahh well.. at least you could go home to your nice cosy bed safe and sound at night... meanwhile the men where lucky if they could get any sleep with all the RACKET going on all the bombings and shelling and seeing they friends blown to peaces... atleast women didn't have to experience any of that. all you women had to do was get your hands a little bit dirty. the horror did it ruin your nail polish ?.

      I have research more than you ever have on things and this is why I have come to the conclusions i have.


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        i swear women are in british forces/army n shit. What's with this men are more superior shit lol. we all got mum, sister, nan n shit. show some respect and go wank in the corner like the creep you are

        love you still


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          stop been reeeeet gaaaaaay if women are equal to men then go wear a skirt


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            LMAO.. yes of course the women and kids back home didnt get bombed night after night... nah a bed of roses, grow up worker, you blithering idiot


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              Originally posted by MrWorker View Post
              stop been reeeeet gaaaaaay if women are equal to men then go wear a skirt
              i wear a thrope for salah. kinda like a skirt lol


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                this is what i wear


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                  i don't think anyone is superior to anyone... but everyone IS different.. to say otherwise is foolish men have they natural roles and women have there... i am fed up of society trying to go against nature and thinking they gonna win lol. like all these idiots who say they is more than 2 genders LOL. When nature and science says otherwise, your either male or female, the only exception is hermaphrodites who cant help that, but even then they still have only male or female parts Nothing else. no third gender parts. naaaaah mean


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                    i wear pijamas too naaah mean


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                      The only people i believe who should be allowed to vote are working men over the age of 25 who are head of they house.


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                        what's your views on me2 campaign


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                          that campaighn like them all is just a trend of illuminati bullsheeit to cause further division in society nothing new.

                          but ive worked places where women have gotten paid more than me soo HOW ABOUT ME 3 ?.


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                            one thing that fooooking pisses me off is when women get same pay n do less work. that shit pisses me off.


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                              have a read worker.. and no its not fkn illuminati.. its simple FACTS