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Amygdala thinking to activate faithful thoughts,work and movements

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  • Amygdala thinking to activate faithful thoughts,work and movements

    I was walking around the backyard just doing random things, I happen to think why am I outside for.
    well, I wanted to explore the reasons for why I felt like this to ask or read about my movements and the thoughts to activate these movements to actions then to thoughts of what I do what we all do as human beings if this in a way makes sense.
    So let me run this first what does pain relief due to the brain, well my aspect of this is they stun or numb transmitters in your brain to make your thoughts and feelings that your not in pain threshold.
    But honestly, you still are either way taking the pain relief or not, Practically (TAKE 2-4 EVERY 6 HOURS ) meaning this cause it is designed by ingrediants that over the limit of to much can and does destroy your liver and kidney etc.

    so your brain is a processor that runs on a lot of thoughts and feelings.
    what you think will sometimes be the outcome of your reality on a scale of 80/20
    what you put into life as 80% and the outcome is your result of 20% so your reality is what you do as what you do is due to what you think ...
    Say I gave you $100 you directly in two worlds assume I am nice, either taking me for granted or not you know I am nice either the thought you take in your mind is true but what you think to make it real in actions as judgement is different cause what you think makes you do this but honestly deep down you possibly don't want to admit if your embarrassed you don't do this yourself but on the other world TRUTH is I am a nice enough to do so .
    you remember I gave you this so you either pay me back or you ask me for me.

    my 80 to you is this kindness ...

    my 20 is you paying me back for peace of mind of your character

    my faith in you is confidence to return the favor so I think this I think you wil return the favor so I do this for you ..

    back to the previous story why did I go outside, because I thought to just randomly do that then I thought why did I do that and why am I asking why so I do more about it to research the factors of why my brain thinks and feels this way

    This is a theory based on FAITH = CONFIDENCE in a extent

    I am getting laid of I know I think over the moon making more mistakes lol

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    karma whatever you do one day will come back to you.

    like the bible says ahhh forgive your enemies and evil doers for in doing so you bring burning coals down on there heads ahhhh vengeance is GODS !!ll.

    also all pharmaceutical medicine all it does is deals with the symptons not the actual problems, and you get loads of side affects which you need to take even more medication for... its just a business just like the government is all corrupt.... REAL MEDICINE is in NATURE THE REAL CURES TO EVERY ILLNESS IS IN NATURE... Hidden from us. Humanity as gotten dumber and dumber... Humanity is devolving

    I like nice good people.

    I don't have time for assholes and ignorant people naaah mean.