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The Evil Scum ON The Streets Have EVIL SPIRITS INSIDE THEM

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  • The Evil Scum ON The Streets Have EVIL SPIRITS INSIDE THEM

    Originally posted by Drudge1 View Post
    Children these days are so disrespectful that I just want to slap them across their smart ass mouths so hard that it makes their heads spin. I never allowed my children to act that way and I blame the parents for this. These days, parents don't give a shit what their kids do just as long as they aren't bothering them. The parents are the REAL problem.
    In a lot of cases yeah.... but its not always the parents fault... I know people who have had good upbringings yet have still become wasters and trouble makers.... even serial killers in the same way I have seen people who have had shit unbringings do well and be successful in life. So you are just taking blame away from the kids.... Kids know right from wrong SIMPLE AS THAT... when they commit a crime they should be dealt with exactly like an adult... old enough to commit the crime old enough to do the time. simple as that. If they causing trouble with a grown up the grown up should be able to beat the cunt up and not get in trouble naaah mean... self defence.. little bastards think they can do whatever they want these days. Because no one disciplines them... because mysteriously its not allowed anymore..... and so it also messes up the family unit..... just another thing which is destroying the family unit and the natural order of things... with GOD AT THE TOP, THEN MAN THEN WOMAN THEN CHILDREN THEN GOVERNMENT,

    NOW however it is more like.... GOVERNMENT at the top then WOMEN, CHILDREN, ANIMALS, MAN.... AND noo God at all on the pyramid.

    it all comes down to evil spirits... and a lot of kids and women and people especially middle aged and young people in general... because society is God less as evil spirits in them... this is why they is sooo much evil scum on the streets these days. Ahhhhh

    Do unto others as you would have them Do unto you - GOD

    everyone as the knowledge of Good and Evil already built into them when they enter this fallen world.
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