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Be A Loner A REAL PROPPA MAN of COMMONSENSE !! I am NOT a Social Creature

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  • Be A Loner A REAL PROPPA MAN of COMMONSENSE !! I am NOT a Social Creature

    I See through the bullshit of everything.

    In this modern sick world we live in... it disgusts me so I don't want noo part of it. I sometimes question why on earth I bother getting up and going to work in the morning since I arnt really working for anything apart from paying taxes to a shithole government which dosnt care 1 bit about me and puts all my tax money on ridiculous shit I don't care or support and gives it to lazy people or immigrants which haven't paid fuck all into the system or the rich avoiding paying tax altogether.

    so I arnt loyal to no one anymore, no flag, no country, no people etc etc.. JUST MYSELF FROM NOW ON. LONE WOLF FUCK THE TRAITOROUS PACK.

    Also it seems that only cucks get married these days.

    They is nothing in a marriage or relationship for a man these days. marriage and relationships these days are purely financial thingies... which seems even more unappealing for me.... I would rather keep my money I work for purely for myself naaah mean and come home to my own home which I pay for put my feet up and do whatever the hell I want to when I want to.. without anyone nagging me.

    and general society is cancer people do my head in...... your better off alone... I been alone and in isolation my whole life and its the way I like it now I am so used to it I HATE been around other people... I recon I must have been a mole in a past life... because I love been alone.. I ARNT SOCIAL AT ALL.. I speak to no one.. even at work LOL... so where people get this idea that people are social creatures from I have NO IDEA.

    I guess I am just too smart and intelligent and RED PILLED unlike the rest of society so I have nothing in common with it.
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    seems kinda boring to me. But hey ho that's your life. You do you g, as long as ye iz haaapy


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      Also as you don't like speaking to others or women.. will you buy those new sex dolls or u into men.


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        not into anyone naaah mean.


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          Sooooon you be fucking yo pillow on a night? That’s some sad assss way tahhh live nuccaaaa


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            Originally posted by MrWorker View Post
            not into anyone naaah mean.
            Fair enough, get a Cat or some shit. Cats are calm also low maintenance. They independent n shit


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              yeah exactly am a cat man naaah mean... who needs ahh woman when ahh got pussy already ahh naaah mean ahhhh


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