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  • Be aware

    Some of you have been taking advantage to staff being busy and been testing the limit.

    Let this be your warning

    If we find you breaking any rule you will be banned from forums and any that feel the need to not care or try to. Cohorse others in violating the rules will result in further action.

    We are watching very closely not only to forum but to your game behavior as well (names, Family names, media, etc)

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    Yawn you change select people in game names family names and let others slide. Be fair to everyone


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      Can I make a case for MrWorker?

      The forums haven't been the same since.....
      It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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        Fo tahhh fifth fuckkin time.. your a helpahhhh.. yahh job is tahh make tahh cupppaasss... gettt back in yooo lane girlll.. Cann ahh get ahhh Amen or wahhhh


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          Yeah what's up with worker????? It's boring without him....... those who complained are legit RETARDS. Y'all can see who makes threads..... DONT CLICK ON HIS SHIT..... ya bunch of knobs


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            Who offended loco this time lol


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              Happy New Years! Just an FYI....if you break this rule, I will ban you for 30 days. This is not an abuse of staff powers but rather part of my job. If you don't want to be banned then don't break the rules. It's just that simple folks.

              13. Abusing Staff
              The staff is here to answer your questions, fix your problems and handle your complaints. They are the ones that keep the game running. They are volunteers and work hard. They also enforce the rules which mean that often they are not popular. If you have a problem with a staff member, report it to another staff member or to the Staff Manager or Supervisor. Sending the staff abusive messages or bashing them on the boards or your profile could result in your removal from the game. We can not tolerate abuse to the staff.
              TMB Moderator

              Message me if you have questions about the forums or the game.