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We must stand together!

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  • We must stand together!

    It has came down to this ,we can no longer say what we want ,we can no longer put what we want in our profiles ,we can not have the names we want?..If u wanna tell me what i can or cant do ,come pay my bills....U wanna say we cant have shit on our profile then take away us being able to use it ,or dont look at it ...when u sign up it asks if ur 18 or older...if u cant stand to see a titty then u dont need to play this game ....

    Anonymous ,or the lizard Squad?We need these people back..
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    Notorious hackers, 'Lizard Squad', gained international attention after taking down the network services of Xbox and Playstation on Christmas Day. Full story...


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      I vote that we should be seeing more titties here honestly


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        Heres the situation

        This is a privately owned site, and when you create an account you agree to follow the rules and listen to the admins. The rules are all nicely posted, as they always have been.

        If you have complaints, message game staff. This barely coherent dribble on the forums is laughable

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