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    Sometimes when you go through life with all these life unforeseen events well some are self-inflicted, But the same battles can and might be destroying you even to some you have done intentionally but did not realize by self-arrogance thinking at that same time its all going to be good in the end.

    you never think this even if you commit the wrongs yourself or not it is for a reason and that one reason is to bring you down to fire straight back up 100X full of strength to make a difference and a change and NEVER want to turn back to the bumpy old road with the rigged bridge almost collapsing on you

    your a warrior in life-fighting battles making a life a name and kingdom for yourself to live in a happy mind frame at the end the old road you fought along on, you have to say I am not the one to preach the giving the advice I had been giving is easier to say and accept the criticism

    I have a book of stories to tell myself but seriously this is true, I too at one point I was never gonna get through anything in my life and I was in a mess badly and the advice of so many people helped and YES I am still going through the RnR fixture state but little bit better to help others of what I can to help them also like I was helped

    It is FAITH!!

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    fuckkk offff


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      Ale tits and axes !!!!!!


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        i blame helps.
        It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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          Interesting how your thoughts on life changes as you get older.