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  • Everyone Will Be SAVED

    Prior to 300 ad before the roman catholic church was created and the invention of hell was created... the early Christians believed that everyone would be saved.

    So who are we to believe?... The early Christians who are closest to Jesus Christ himself and his teachings OR the Jesuit freemason catholic church ?. The bible as been changed so many times and altered and books removed and mis translations etc etc the finished piece is not the original word. So the true word of God or the doctrines of man ?.

    The old Testament was governed by the 10 commandments the law.... the new testament is Jesus Christ saving humanity.

    Now if Jesus Christ didn't come to save humanity THEN WHAT ON EARTH WAS THE POINT OF HIS DEATH ?. If everyone is still under law ?. and you need to do this or that still to be saved ?.

    So I, like the original Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for EVERYONES SINS AND EVERYONE WILL EVENTUAL BE RECONILED WITH GOD.

    ALSO lets not forget GOD created everything and God knew man was gonna sin and be kicked out of the garden of eden... God knew this would happen.... I do not see how a loving God would create and send someone to an eternal hell knowing they where always gonna sin and go there anyway... they is absolutely no point in an eternal hell at all... However if its for purification and learning for wicked and evil people and its only for a period of time then it makes a lot of sense.... Because eventually we will all Get our new bodies and news minds and be totally cleansed and purified anyway.. SIN IS NOT GREATER THAN GOD... yet some people like to make out it is that's why God needs an eternal hell... ridiculous.

    Some people like the thought of hell though because some people get an hardon at the thought of they enemies suffering in hell... been totally UN-CHRIST LIKE... yet thinking they are holier than thou... Hypocritical Pharisees.

    So I know in the end everyone will be saved because God is good.

    But saying this I still believe the more evil and wicked someone is the more heavily they gonna need to be purified in a hellish like environment even if it is temporary it is still not a place anyone would want to go to. But afterwords when you have been purified and cleansed youll be given a new body and new mind and no more evil or sinful thoughts shall ever cross your mind again. So even though everyone is gonna be saved it is still not an excuse to do whatever you want because your gonna pay for it.

    God saves us because he loves us.

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    i didn't read this but being is saved is one less thing i have to worry about. So, i got that going for me.


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      you need to read to be enlightened