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    and Fuck politicians fuck these bleeding heart liberals.. I got stuff to do naah mean and these keep getting in my way.. with they pathetic laws and political correctness and the rest of the garbage.

    If ya think about it.. who the fuck do the government think they are telling you what ya can and cant do saying to you you need a drivers license or you need a tv license or ya need a cscs card to work on building sites or a sia card to be in security etc etc..... its all Bullsheit. just another way for them to make money

    who would buy a TV license anyway ?... and support that BBC PEADO RING ?.

    COMMON LAW IS THE REAL LAW OF THE LAND !!... and you don't need a drivers license really... or a cscs or anything.. who says you do ?... the government ?.... the government is a corporation countrys are corporations... the corporation of UK the corporation of US the corporation of India etc etc..... The police are brainwashed and follow corporate law the government use the police basically as tax collectors.. instead of out capturing REAL EVIL criminals... the police seem to be more bothered about stopping a cars making sure theve paid they taxes to the corporations..... Exactly like the government use the army... the army should be here home defending its own people and its own borders and eradicating the druggies and criminals and gangsters and peados here..... but instead the government use the army and send them to some shithole desert on the other side of the world.


    But in reality all money is bullsheeit any way... after the great fire of London the government created birth cirtificates which created a system way, they create a secret account for you.. which you could cash in on BUT you have to claim it before the age of 7 !!! OTHERWISE the government can class you as missing therefore not allowing you to claim it anymore and this is true. and also with this account basically everything is paid for already... all bills are paid for... so when companys want you to pay a bill you are basically paying twice first payment gos out of your secret account and the 2nd you pay yourself... this is why the banks and companys are soo rich. Because they making double the amount off of you.

    all money is fake... it used to be money was the value of gold you have... but now they is nothing backing money up.. its just pieces of paper with no value at all..... this is why eventually they gonna make people get the mark of the beast implanted in them with chips where all money is digitalised.