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Noobs with Won turns talking tough

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    The only other way to piss you off is to take away your EBT and junk food ya fat fuck. But I ain't tryna get body slammed by yo fat ass

    Originally posted by Ravenky View Post
    Oh u play just to troll

    Thank you for confirming that.
    Case closed.


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      Originally posted by harryverderchki View Post
      I don't wanna be in a loop . I know people that go on the forum , hide in the game, and start talking shit are going to have the same fate as V. Pussy farts are interesting but as soon as you get a whiff of it, You don't go seeking out more of it, nor do you want to go back in for variations of the same stank,
      Best comment on the whole thread lmfao well played Harry, well played!!


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        Originally posted by harryverderchki View Post
        I am invinceable . First one to get zeroed is a loser .
        I wasn't first but also lost interest.. but still I gave you your props.. who knows maybe I'll act up again this round.. maybe mid round after I rob a few banks :-P