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NOTHING Matters Except GOD and His COMMANDS

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  • NOTHING Matters Except GOD and His COMMANDS

    Think of it like this.... the earth is a ship... and it is sinking.... the life boat is JESUS CHRIST.... and only through HIM CAN WE BE SAVED. By accepting Jesus Christ and by following his commands. 10 commandments, 7 Noah Laws and Jesus'es teachings of love thy neighbour and praying for thoughs who persecute against you and others.

    God loves us and wants us all to come back to him, He knew us and chose us to be part of his creation LONG before he even created the earth.. and he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins... not because we loved him BUT BECAUSE HE LOVES US.... HOW GREAT AND GOOD IS THE LORD ALMIGHTY !!... Accept the Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and surrender your life to him and let Jesus lead it. Only through him can we be saved.
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    Lol.. This includes his opinions.. Awesome


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      you cant be real... God loves us but the only way he would forgive us for something someone else did was to send jesus to die horrifically...
      But couldn't he just do like mums and dads do when they love you and say, i forgive you.... No we must sacrifice someone! quick kill the dog!

      Dont be Dumb, do some research and actually read what you are saying.
      maybe,, just maybe... And i know its hard but... Think for your self????


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        Also is it not a sin to play a game like this ??


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          You don't understand.. they is spiritual warfare going on. You need to think spiritually not physically.

          Back in ancient times they sacrificed animals as a sin offering that only covered the day.

          Jesus's blood cures all of our sins forever IF we accept him, because Jesus was perfect and lived a sinless life.. exactly how God always intended humans to live but because of devil deceiving Adam and Eve our parents and ancestors we could not... But when the End comes GOD will rebuild the earth just like how it was before the fall and humans who are saved and repented shall live how God always intended us to. to be the care takers of his garden.. the earth. With no more suffering or pain or tears or evil or temptations. Just joy and happiness and peace for eternity in our new strong bodies and minds.


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