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My story - dexter and the mob chapter 1

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  • My story - dexter and the mob chapter 1


    It was a cold night in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. As the rain pours down the city lights up every 15 seconds with bright blue lightening and a rapid crack from the loud of thunder which is almost is like a lion which can be heard miles away from his very own presence of his pride.
    “we have a mother about to give birth can we clear the labor room please urgently” said one of the nurses of the Chicago hospital who was a fresh out of med school, “she was brought in from the front, she walked in of the street with choke marks all round her throat!” said the nurse.
    Doctor Kennedy was a fantastic doctor of 23 years’ experience, been in the army in Vietnam and discharge to fulfill urgent role in the Chicago hospital immediately relating shortage in the practice, given the role specially from the head of the medical association for his outstanding role in the M.A.S.H service he was given the role of running his very own team in the Chicago hospital.

    “the choke marks would have brought the baby on due to stress “said doctor Kennedy, it took almost 45 mins to deliver a beautiful young boy. Fresh out of the womb this young baby was screaming and red almost like red like beetroot juice on human skin! “we will now go wash this beautiful young boy and wrap him up to rest after his long journey in the world, well done madam! you have done a brilliant job!” said nurse tanning the fresh out med school graduate first on the scene as his first role was this very own child birth.
    “wait wait! “said the mother “one of the nurses approached the mother of the baby as she gasped for air and slowly responds she said DEXTER , “what did say said doctor Kennedy , “ I think she said Dexter doctor” the nurse replied all confused . “hmm MS! MS! Can you hear me! “yelled the doctor all startled and surprised.
    As the doctor tried to get the baby’s mother to respond she soon later passed in a matter of seconds, “we didn’t get a name to name the baby doctor?” said nurse tanning “Dexter hmm we will call this young boy Dexter as this was the last word she said “cried Kennedy.
    “Nurse tanning, I need you to fill the paper work out for this young boy to be arranged to be in a care of the local church orphanage, we have no other choice but to notify Father James and the fellow church of this young innocent baby boy who needs special care, without care this boy cannot grow up and get the right needs for his life ahead that waits him “said Doctor Kennedy
    “But sir!” cried tanning “look now isn’t the time to get all emotional attached to this situation, I know you just started and a birth and a death is not the first thing you want to see on the first day of the job but Nurse tanning we have no other choice but to make sure this baby is looked after and I am going to make sure he gets it, Father James is the best person I know way back from the chaplain from Vietnam! Now go sort this paper work as I will contact the church Immediately for kinship!” stated Kennedy
    “yes doctor” cried the nurse as she ran off to the nurse’s desk immediately.
    To be continued!

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    I will post my next chapter up if you guys are interested and want to read more !

    Pm me in the game if you want to hear more and also leave a comment what you think

    any criticism is welcome


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