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Wish the Appocalypse Would Happen

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  • Wish the Appocalypse Would Happen

    Ive always wanted to be a SURVIVOR.... like in the book of eli or the road.

    I would survive me because I know what to do in these situations and I know what is coming and it is coming very soon. I cant be assed waiting anymore, I want it to happen NOW. I want to be a Lone Wanderer who lives and survives just for myself, I am basically that now anyway, you cant trust no one but yourself... we come into the world ourselves and we will die ourselves......but when the end comes I will then be free from this evil luciferian society which is destroying the family unit and morals and values... I will be away from all the evil doers and they sinful filth...All THE SHIT AND EVIL AND SIN OF THIS WORLD SHALL BE DESTROYED AND KILLED... I'm ahh just go somewhere very quiet hunt for my food and make my home and just watch from afar as I REJOICE at the evil and wicked sinners suffering for a change...

    I wish I could live in a forest away from everyone now... i cannot tolerate humans anymore.. the way society is going i cant stand it.

    Men are becomming Women


    Women are becoming Men

    Women are not women anymore.... they want to be men and copy men and do manly things, manly jobs, manly sports etc... taking over fucking EVERYTHING.... yet they are only damaging themselves... because they are destroying they own feminity and what it means to be a woman... yet they say they are ''proud women'' LOL... fucking JOKE.

    and men are becoming weak minded soft peaces of cowardly shit as well..

    all this as been caused by a tiny minority of ELITES the satanic luciferians that CONTROL EVERYTHING PHSOCPATHS WHICH HAVE CONTROL OF THE BANKS AND MEDIA AND ALL THE MONEY OF THE WORLD.

    spraying everywhere with chemtrals and poison in the water and food FUCKING PEOPLES MINDS UP... THEY FUCKING YOUR MINDS UP !!!





    WAKE UP WAKE THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    your make me fucking laugh worker seriously


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      Buy a ruck and supplies and head for the hills no need to wait for the apocalypse


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        medds r gettin lowahhhhh


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          I would ludd ta force mah entire ding-a-ling down yo' throat n' repeatedly pull yo' head back n' fourth until I splash mah cum stains on yo' grill you gay playaaaaaa


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            Just go live in the less lazy ass parasite living of workers taxes.


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              And WHOOO do you think your taxes go to ?. all the billions which go to corrupt organisations like NASA and all the other government crap and insane things which I don't support, like war, and baby killing ''doctors'' which is basically modern day molech worship. and what do we get in return even more oppression, lies and propaganda.

              you workers are slaves...

              we live in a global fascist/communist world.. which is based on money with a minority of luciferian elites right at the top of the pyramid which control everything... which are polluting this world with FILTH AND DEGENERACY... to keep control of people and weaken people...... if everyone stopped working.... these satanic luciferian elites would instantly lose they power...... if SOLDIERS STOPPED fighting in war for them..... the elites would lose they power........ soldiers fight believeing they fighting for they country.... but in reality that's bullsheeit... really the soldiers are just doing the bidding of the NEW WORLD ORDER.... and same with the Police which are basically just tax collectors.... they don't seem to go after real criminals anymore.... they only shake down and go after people who haven't paid a ticket... and usually are corrupt themselves as well like prison guards.
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                The Internet and Technology Transhumanism Is Evil I WILL DISOWN HUMANITY, END TIMES

                The Internet is evil because it corrupts minds... people get brainwashed by it and become things, turns into things and do things they would not have even thought about normally.. the internet is a brainwashing tool..... Technology is evil because of what it is turning in to....... EVERYTHING is ultimately leading to transhumanism, genetically engineering humans basically making humans slaves even further and implanted chips into people..

                The moment people start having they perfectly healthy normal limps removed and having cold machine and metal implanted into them instead and are having perfect designer babies...... is the moment I am DISOWNING HUMANITY... because it is a lost this point I am heading to the Hills ALONE with my 100% human natural organic body TEMPLE OF GOD !! away from all the weirdos and sickos and phycopaths in this world who are corrupted by the LUCIFERIANS and don't want to wake up.

                people don't love or accept themselves and people also think they can save themselves or live forever... ridiculous and false hope... ONLY GOD AS COMMAND OVER EVERYTHING.... all this started with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery was the starting point for transhumanism.

                basically mentions all this is revelations of the bible anyway.... So when this starts happening and once again in the days of noah and lot.... then I will know it is now TIME JESUS VERY SOON VERY SOON IS COMMING...

                Because in the days of noah and lot basically all the shit that is going on now on the world was happenng as well... with men becoming women and women becoming men and feminzaism and shit.... But also Transhumanism and human animal hybrids as well........ THIS IS THE NEXT THING TO HAPPEN NOW.


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                  Awesome.. Seeing you are already a sheep worker shouldnt be that far fetched for you


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                    I would rather by a sheep in Gods flock...... then a sheep of the new world order.


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                      Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                      I would ludd ta force mah entire ding-a-ling down yo' throat n' repeatedly pull yo' head back n' fourth until I splash mah cum stains on yo' grill you gay playaaaaaa
                      Ooooo catch me catch me.


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                        You getting lotz of pussy with this world view . ?