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Designer babies and life extension technology

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  • Designer babies and life extension technology

    What do you guys think of using PGD to genetically modify and design your baby? Also what do you think about the technology that can make you age backwards like Benjamin Button? My good friend Dusk thinks it's a horror show. I think it's pretty cool.

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    you forgot to mention the human heads on robots.. u thought to bug me with in game
    babies thing.. yes a horror thing unless for medical reasons.. but to genetically alter a baby dna for hair and eye colour? sick

    as for aging backwards?? yeah right.. bullshit
    and human heads in robots... thats making zombies.. cos the brain.. cant run like that.


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      i don't like it and will ultimately lead to madness, like incest.

      aging backward technology sounds like bullshit. i don't really believe in the medical industrial complex or the medical mafia all i see are fat over weight unhealthy people everywhere including doctors. Dead doctors don't lie.


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        Anti aging is real shit


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          I am surpised that Dusk is speaking sense.

          Designer babies is DISGUSTING and so is Transhumanism.... scientism scientists are basically just frankensteins and the modern day witches and wizards playing with black magic.. trying to create a master race its like the next stage from MK ULTRA

          What I find really funny is.... scientism scientists say that they is over popuatation ( bullshit and lies ). and yet they want to allow people to continue living forever and stop the aging process ??.... its all bullsheeeit ALL OF IT.

          One day these scientists are gonna create a drug or an AI which will destroy or enslave humanity

          anyway as ELI said... all this is just bullsheeit and genetic modification isn't anything new... the nephelim and fallen angels did it and God eradicated them in the flood..... as in the days of noah and lot so shall it be in the end times.... soo it dosnt surprise me where we are at now... with transhumanism and all the rest of weird stuff that gos on these days.
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            "Through the Wormhole" Can We Live Forever?
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              Designer babies and transhumanism is the future. The world is actually overpopulated and with all the progress they've been making when it comes to hacking DNA people are going to be able to live for a very long time. Eventually they gonna put the poor people to live in underground cities


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                Your just trolling..

                All this is leading to people been chipped and enslaved to the banks and people themselves will become the cash cards and when you owe the banks money or need to pay bills or debts.. they just simply take it from you.. and you wont have any control over it.... even if you don't have food they wont care, youll starve.... and they might even put an age limit on you based on the amount of money you have.

                Kinda like the in the film.... '' In Time ''

                Notice how all transhumanist futures in films are all seen as dytopias and not utopias... because that's exactly what it will be A NIGHTMARE.


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                  I'm definitely gonna get my DNA hacked and try to become super human. I'll spend whatever it takes