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Does Love Exist ?

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  • Does Love Exist ?

    Not in my (this) reality it dosnt.

    just thinking a lot lately about how shit this world is.

    and I have never felt love at all.... only emotions I ever feel are anger or nothingness.... Nothing ever good happens... its just the same shit day in day out... you go out side and all other humans act like brainwashed robots tapping they phones as they walk living in fantasy land... women with they fake robot emotions... men chasing after them like idiots.. and then women rejecting them.

    people spend very little time with they familys if they are lucky enough to have one they take it for granted.. wasting they lives spending all day long at work.. slaving for the slave masters making them billionaires.. where they just get a crappy little wage.

    everyone is subhuman these days... good people suffer or die young or kill themselves..... where complete subhuman SCUM and criminal trash, hateful people, people with no empathy and perverts continue living and making this world even worse with they sins.

    I don't want to be part of this society or evil world.

    the world is fallen, it is sick, it is diseased, it is horrible.

    they is no joy or happiness in this world for Gods people... THE FOLLOWERS AND BELEIEVERS OF CHRIST !!ll.... just like God says. but one day they will be.

    when God eradicates all the SHIT and cleanses the earth and rebuilds it a new just like the garden of eden.... So yeah love exists... WITH GOD THE FATHER AND CREATOR AND JESUS CHRIST THE LORD AND SAVIOUR he loves us more than you know GOD IS 100% PURE LOVE, one day all pain and suffering shall disappear we will get our new holy bodies...all the painful and bad memories shall disappear. but for now.... we have to continue living in this horrible world.
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    You need some professional help my friend...


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      Originally posted by Bad_Intentions View Post
      You need some professional help my friend...
      I said that on a previous post and you acted like I said something wrong. He needs a therapist. So they can provide him medication. Hes depressed and doesn't even know it.


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        Only in one's mind you should no that worker