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CASTRATE YOURSELVES If You Keep Commiting Sexual Immorality

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  • CASTRATE YOURSELVES If You Keep Commiting Sexual Immorality

    If you cant stop committing sexual immorality and sinning... then FREE YOURSELF FROM IT and CASTRATE YOURSELF... its in the bible, God says if you can do this you should do it, For Some have made themselves Eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of HEAVEN... Eunuch ( Castrated Man ).

    We need to be free of the FLESH, we are spiritual beings and anybody who as GOD is not of this world and needs to stop giving in to the temptations of the body.

    it also says if ya arm sins cut it off and throw it away and same with your eye if your eye sins cut it out better to enter the kingdom of God with one eye then enter hell with both.

    But this earth is only temporary and in HEAVEN we will be getting our new bodies and minds and everything all the sin and all the evil WILL BE GONE FOREVER.

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    Your brain commits a sin each time you type your dibble and you are a complete cockhead.
    I see decapitation as the only answer.

    Thankyou Jesus.