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Why Do People Commit Suicide DONT You Are Loved

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  • Why Do People Commit Suicide DONT You Are Loved

    If your thinking of it DONT DO IT, YOU ARE LOVED !!


    People need to REALISE... this material world the pain the suffering is only temporary... compared to good ETERNITY that will be coming.

    I can understand and sympathise with people who struggle in the world.

    Life is hard and this world is horrible and evil and disgusting and so are some of the people in it. But for all thoughs who are saved its only temporary and wont lest forever and soon when it is all over the bad memories will disappear we will get our new bodies in heaven OUR TRUE BODIES in heaven... on earth these bodies we are in ah just shells that house our true form which is the soul... and when we are saved and die our soul leaves this world and gos and bes with God in heaven when the judgement comes.

    I don't believe that saved people who commit suicide go to hell... but still you shouldn't do it because it messes up Gods plan. Alhough Gods will will still be done... but as the bible says in order to be saved you need to trust in Jesus ALONE to be saved... but that dosnt mean you can commit as many sins as you want... the bible condemns the idea of that. Its mean we are saved from sin BUT TRY your best not to sin anymore.

    I think suicide is wrong, no matter how depressed you are you should still continue living and TRUST IS JESUS.. because the BIBLE SAYS, GOD SAYS... TRUST IN JESUS AND ALL YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN !!. also you never know what is around the corner.

    everyone falls short of the glory of God, everyone is a sinner, myself included and I have my own problems but in JESUS we are forgiven... we cannot save ourselves. only Jesus can save us.

    Like for instance I have been alone my entire life.. I don't feel like I am living... just existing... been this way for a decade now and I often think maybe I should be happy now... with kids and be married etc... BUT the woman God had given me to be with... might have killed herself a few years ago.... so because of that I never met her and I am alone and suffering in loneliness and isolation now. day In and day out stuck here with a thousand thoughts a second racing through my head it drives me mad... but I know that I am not alone FOR GOD IS WITH ME !!. And I WILL WIN THE RACE AND I WILL KEEP THE FAITH... Trust IN JESUS and your SINS ARE FORGIVEN... TRUST IN JESUS ALONE TO BE SAVED.... THE WORD OF GOD !!!. but I also think that this is Gods plan for me this is my test this and also to observe the evil in the world and tell people about it.

    nobody as the right to take someones life and that also includes taking your own. Only GOD as that right.

    my isolation and loneliness is made worse as well because I see all the evil in the world and that makes me not want to take part in it. I don't like this world at all because of the arrogant sinful people in it who destroy everything.



    humans should live to please God and not ourselves

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    suicide is part of a sickness mental breakdown of the mind thing i tell people is there is always somebody worse of then you are today so live for today


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      I mean, at least they're not shooting up schools amirite?
      fuck up your own life lol


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        Stop isolating yourself man and I think your psychologically projecting evil onto everything as a defense mechanism. Get out into the world, focus on yourself instead of judging everything.


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          N now we all have PHDS in mental health.

          useless cocksuckers


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            It's the easiest way out .Live for today for tomarrow is not promise.


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              God doesn't exist


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                Kids tend to do it because of online bullys.

                Yet here you are yappin about not doing it.


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                  Human carbon units are given a gift which is like the trinity .. body,, spirit,, and soul. Committing suicide would be like ruining and destroying all three of the gifts given to us. The world as it exists today is a very intense test given the shit we have in our food supply. Many don't see through the shit we are given to keep our bodies healthy. I don't see how poor people do it. The food that poor people eat is generally processed foods, or fast foods full of sugar and its really the equivalent to committing suicide slowly and painfully. The crap gets into your body and you do pass it on to your children. Spirit is our responsibility to treat our friends and relationships in a manner we would like to be treated. Life therefore is pretty simple. Keep your body sacred and as healthy as you can, and treat people with great respect and dignity. Do what you can to help people out when you can.

                  I am not a real religious person but all religions prescribe a way of life that is really very common sense and it isnt a bad way to go. It becomes difficult when you see leaders acting in a way that is contra to these simple values.

                  People with mental issues can get help and suicide isnt the answer. People with physical issues that can't get diagnosed and have constent pain I have more empathy for. There is absolutely nothing they can do. Jesus died on the cross in one day. These people go through hell every single day their entire lives and can't make a decision to end their torture. Their mental strife dealing with physical pain and limitations is what I consider most times to be heroic. Look what some of these people are going through and mental issues of lonliness and isolation are not even in the same league.


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                    Yeah let's compare somebody who was physically beaten, cut, whipped, tortured and nailed to the cross to somebody who is for lack of a better word, "sad". I'd take depression any day of the week over what Jesus had to go through. Terrible comparison.


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                      my comparison was with people with physical disabilities that are painful and last for months,, years,,, pain that can't be fixed with painkillers, Pain where they can't move, eat, sleep, think and would gladly go through pain and have it end in one day instead of a long miserable painful life with zero chance of physically becoming better.


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                        I arnt mentally ill.... nor did I say I was. ??.

                        I'm trying to help people here... who are.

                        I am saying everyone as problems and also isolation and loneliness can lead to mental problems.... but I am an introvert and I like been alone anyway so dosnt bother me that much.... I feel lonelier when I am with groups of people

                        and another thing when you know the TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING... Like I do... the earth is flat... the Satanists that run the world...the chemtrails and chemicals in food and water...... its a very lonely place to be...because everyone else is brainwashed.. BUT AT LEAST I KNOW THE TRUTH....

                        THIS IS WHAT I AM BASICALLY SAYING


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                          i blame religions....people desperately trying to enter a better world by leaving this one.

                          while this is the world that counts!!
                          It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.