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    Decay, deciet forboden love Enchanted Enlightenment

    Tonight is the perfect night to get wasted, drinking in your darkend desires, tantalising tales of your fertility. Eluding to twisted fears, emptyness and lonelyness calling through lanterns, winds howling through meadows. Forever longing for each others touch. Persperation and anxt unsettling feels, darkness slithering through the nights sky casting shadows under street lights anxious with desire. Waiting on deranged onlookers to vacate, seeking refuge from the heat. Sweet scents cascading through launderd curtains your naked body tangled in cotton sheets. Your mind wanders playing movies from the past. Your fingers anxious to explore waiting for that knock on your door. Craving something new, something different your heart begins to race. Sounds pulsating in waves, scents inquiring in your mind. Your face cool with sweat from the heat of the night. Longing for the adventure that awaits in your dreams, the danger on the other side of your darkend window, wondering if ill be there at our spot waiting for you to appear. Where our love becomes stronger our bond grows stronger. Where you lay together waiting for the sun to rise. Where we watch sattelites race in the nights sky. Carresing each other we make love, emotions arise holding on for dear life. A feeling that you've never felt before. A question left unanswered as though God had answerd your prays. Craving a gentle touch on your check, a gentle touch on your thigh. Love's ever lasting kiss longing on your moistened lips, with out a care wind washing through your perfect hair. Our eyes meet if only for a second holding our souls we embrace in satisfaction. Forever searching for you presenting plans for perfect penetration, awaiting your absubrent explosion.
    Suddenly aware of stranger things to come clawing into your emotions wasting no time on memories set aside from lesser loves. I crave to explode into your consciousness, expecting a diffrent outlook on divinity and restless spirits. time spent splitting obligations from simple humans, demands cast aside only to be closer to you, crawling in your warmth, nesstled amongst your dreams carresing porcelain skin, eyes absent of horrors of previous bouts your heart empty lacking emotion and remorse untouched by perverse challengers eager to mangle your enchanted form. I cling sullen to your embrace hungry with desire longing for my touch, aching with passion wet with known satisafaction that awaits my throbbing erection plunging gently into your midst, clawing at the distance that seperates you and I. I await patiently with haste eager to divulge sinister plans for romantic nights spent chasing could be's and should've beens, expertly awaiting pilgrimages into foreign lands. Tracing your curves rendering your figuere my tongue thrusting for nectar hidden deep within your vibrant femininity. Tranquility awaits us in tree tops of schorched forests rotting from misplaced actions of lesser Gods unaware of the diligence needed in such a fragile environment. Hurried by needed growth, plotting room for much needed subdivions burning through the night's sky. Polluted minds disapear when your a near, warped minds spewing filth and haunted thoughts bellowing for attention in fields of empathy surrounded by grazers hungry to feed on truths and man made lies. Ideologies worshiped by spiritual seekers needing adjustments to religions as old as time itself. Adulterers angry with life saddend by realizations of deciet and demented with fear searching for questions amongst conqueres defacating in the halls of the holy, yearning to be something else. Only then will you find me, hidden behind walls of hypocrites jealous and envious of my power, my position amongst these lesser humans where I craddle you to my chest my embrace supplying warmth that you need to evolve, for your wings to spread, for your mind to expand awaiting the downfall of human kind spreading knowledge to the advanced beings that stil belive we are not alone praying for the day we cest to exist, this is where ill find you my love longing for your embrace. For there is no love greater then mine.
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