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  • "That chickenfucker"

    "Called again, says he's laying it down".
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    What are you referencing ?


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      You ve been a Mafioso since Apr 10th, 2006 i would blow it in your mom like she was a sock puppet and go on fun adventures or to what she referred to as assignments.


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        Sitting a table in a coffee shop in spokane as was the custom on most mornings, taking in a coffee and working on a prehistoric labtop. I first caught your glance: wearing running shoes and running suit with a ball cap and a ponytail looking very sporty. I had gone absent unrecognizable to anyone the nineties were booming everything was really comming together in retrospective the internet age was hear. I had been spending most of my time writting papers for college a great way to make fast cash. Also writting a ton of online content: a far of approach to society, stances as a modern civialian coping with humanity, a backward aproach to free thinking, also some clippings and news stories for several online magazines.
        I took notice your voice as your tone had a bit of familarity i knew you had to be a writer, your voice sounded confident and well educated this brought images of fine dinning dark leather sofas vast libraries and persian rugs. Rather chasing you down or asking for your number I turned to the internet the only useable resource I had at the time. With my connections at the time tbe internet had no barriers my search options were endless. Soon I began searching deep seeded message boards and chronicles. I first saw one of your stories about farmlife in modern civilization a sci fi thriller set two thousand years in the future: "Glenn was a farmer as was his father and his father before him, in fact nearly two millenniums of farming within Glenn's family. Every day Glenn would rise early and begin working the fields toiling for the robot overlords day in and day out from sunrise to sunset, as all of humanity worshipped their robot overlords as Gods. Glenn became frustrated questioning his existence after so many years of diligence and devotion to the ruling class. Glenn simply wanted to be free of the moninty of being forced to toil in the fields. Glenn began plotting his strategy of escape. Learning the robots, how they operated, and kept the surviving humans contained. The robots had a advanced surveillance in place tracking every movement. The spring and summer were hot and went by quickly as had every year previous. Becoming stronger Glenn was quick to adapt and further his plans of reaching freedom as the dry summer heat baked the fertil soils in which the crops were grown in. Harvest was fast to approach. Glenn would harvest the fields and load the crops into large bins that were to be driven to the storage vault in various areas of the containment zone. "Some of you may be familiar with grain elevators." Glenn readied his trucks full with a bountiful harvest and began the trek to the storage bins.
        A war had broken out as groups of resistance fighters had began to gather to try and overthrow the robot overlords making Glenn's journey treacherous fighting for every mile trying to avoid the revoing pacs of militants hungry and weary from the fighting who would not think twice about robbing Glenn's grain train. The story takes sidestep into the militant uprise where a few new characters are introduced, how the robots plotted their defenses and how the military was strong and decisisive marching from town to town elimanating any who were to stand in their way as they were a robot army. In fact nearly three hundred pages, the eriee similarity of the nazis and Hitler were remarkable. Glenn was able to avoid much combat as his job after all was farming however many victims did lay in his wake as he fended of his harvest shipment. Glenn reaches the last grain elevator leaving his truck he climbs the ladder upwards into the vast darkness overhead the ground and trucks that lay below become further and further away. Glenn stretches his arms into the sky a blinking light in seen far of in the distance blinking in concordance with the other towers that surround."

        Anyway i enjoyed reading your stories and still search endless pages looking forward to your writtings.
        Just thought id say hello you are super hot,
        always yours.
        "Learning to love in Spokane".