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  • Justice League -

    In theaters November 2017http://JusticeLeagueTheMovie.com

    Preview .. is it going to be dark enough for you?

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    DC films are always dark


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      Trailer looks good, hopefully it will be better than suicide squad.


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        I seen the new spiderman trailer and it looks lame.

        Ben Affleck as Batman .. not my favorite .


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          Agreed on Ben Affleck as I'm still sour on a movie titled "Batman vs Superman" consisting of about 3 minutes of them actually fighting.


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            Globalist propaganda and mind control. Don't watch unless you want your subconscious to be fucked with by the psychic vampires


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              DC comics are weak actually was getting sick of marvel comic movies too, but then i saw Logan, fuck yeah!! that movie was so badass they need to start making all comic book movies like that


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                I have really enjoyed all the Avenger movies. I never actually was into comics as a kid.

                As far as Justice League goes, I agree on a few statements:
                Ben Affleck is one of my least favorite Batmans. Batman vs. Superman was crap as it was barely a fight between the 2 of them and it last longer than Storm's erection. I did however like how they introduced Wonder Woman in it and had hints about Aquaman and a few other things.


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                  I liked batman begins as it wasnt as cheeky and cute as the other ones. Was headed in the right direction. I guess they have to get minors into the franchise and have to throw in some trash to keep it light.


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                    DC comics usually focus on superpowers and what it does to human decisions and psyche

                    Marvel focusses on superpowers and what it does to buildings and spaceships....

                    DC rocks so much harder than Marvel ever could....only when Marvel started copying DC's approach they gained succes
                    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.