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Proud To Be A Christian I Love God

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  • Proud To Be A Christian I Love God

    I love just sat on my own, reading the bible and talking to God. EXACTLY How it is supposed to be. The Bible is Gods word and is an inspirational book

    Christianity is spiritual path, you don't need to go to church or whatever.. that is religion and jesus spoke against religion in the sense of Pharisees for instance people who where extremly religious in knowledge and preached it BUT DIDNT PRACTICE IT so they where hypocrit... this is like many priests these days who deny God. but Jesus spoke for spirituality and for people to have a relationship with the creator GOD.

    Just get the bible read and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour and repent sins.

    Because we are in the end times and time is getting short... but the doors are still open for salvation GOD WANTS EVERYONE TO BE SAVED !.

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    No one gives AAAAAAAAAAAH SHEEEEEiiit