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Nuclear Weapons Dont Exist WW3 COMMING SOON.

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  • Nuclear Weapons Dont Exist WW3 COMMING SOON.

    They don't exist simple as that.

    If they did they would have been used by now... I am sure at end of ww2 USA would have also nuked USSR as well instead of just waiting for them to conquer all of eastern Europe and then catch up with also making nuclear weapons and starting the cold war.

    Also Israel would have been nuked by now as well

    Nuclear weapons are just a fear tactic to further control population kinda like 1984 with endless war.

    You might say ''well they was a nuclear bomb on japan in ww2''.... This can be easily explained... it wasn't a nuke... it was just loads of bombs stacked together underground and detonated together and this can be done because they did it in ww1. In ww1 soldiers use to dig tunnels underground underneath enemy trenches and then stack loads of bombs and then when the whistle was called and they went over the top they detonated the bomb creating a massive crator. only in japan they did it on a even bigger massive scale.

    As I have said in other threads... WW1 was just a precursor to WW2 and both WW1 AND 2 AND ALL WARS INBETWEEN ARE JUST PRECURSORS TO WW3. WW3 will be the BIG ONE when the governments the freemasons and Illuminati began the extermination of the majority of the worlds population with fake alien invasion keeping a small amount of population to be slaves to the elites and freemasons the illuminati.... where do you think all your money goes on when it goes to NASA or SATAN ?.... is certainly isn't going anything todo with space since space dosnt exist... its going on underground bunkers for the elites which are currently stocking up on food supplies now. AND fake alien space ships... which the dumb masses will think are real space ships and aliens... when they arnt. Just murderous phsycopaths flying new plane technology and laser rifles in space suits.

    Also you might say well why would the Japanese government kill they own people ?... Like the USA with Twin towers or England with 7-7 or france and everywhere else with all the fake false flags ?. Because like I keep saying. GOVERNMENT DOSNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF US !!!... if they could theyd have it like in Egyptian times and enslave us all.

    All governments are in on it together and all freemasons and elites are mixed with all the worlds populations all nations and peoples have freemasons controlling everything from the shadows at the top of the pyramid.
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    So what was that bomb used on japan oh wait thats right a nuclear weapon i guess thry do exsit


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      You obviously didn't read the thread.

      Typical of the brainwashed ignorant masses... I am trying to wake you up.... Unless ofcourse you are a SHILL


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        i have seen videos of this dude eating uranium and handling nuclear waste. So this isn't totally off the wall


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          yeah stuff sounds crazy at first until you look into them