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The NEW Universal Basic Income

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  • The NEW Universal Basic Income

    What do you think about it ?.

    They are doing it in Finland and Parts of Scotland I hope it takes off and is a success.

    everyone gets a set amount each month don't know what that is though could be £250 to £500 a month for nothing. Everyone gets it as a standard thing a RIGHT just for being a citizen... you don't have to work... but if you do then that's great because the wage adds to it. So you get even more money.

    I think this is great for different reasons.

    1 because everything these days is getting taken over by machines.... eventually they will be robots doing the jobs people once did soo they is gonna be more and more people out of work constantly. So this basic income means they is no worry if you cant find a job.

    2 more people can work part time... and spend more time with they familys and do things they ACTUALLY ENJOY in life... AND by working part time MORE PEOPLE can be EMPLOYED to also work part time. This would be a nice little extra to add to the basic income.

    3 people can do voluntary work.. which people want to do but cant do now because they need paying jobs to pay for things.... but with a basic income.. it means people CAN work voluntary for charities extra.

    they is so many plusses for it and it would make a better and healthier society all round people would be happier... because nobody wants to slave away at work all day long everyday. We arnt in the 1800s anymore where people literally had to slave in factories all day long.... its about time something like this came out now and people can actually relax and enjoy they lifes without money worries. Production will still happen though because as I said jobs are being replaced by machines and if people can work part time more people can be employed for different part time shifts soo overall production will still happen and people will be happier... its a win win.
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    Gonna spend meeee £250 on weed and cheap women


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      Sounds like typical Socialist bullshit to me. Let's all just have the government take care of us with meager wages and be broke. Finland and Scotland sure, maybe it can work short term but for any large government it's destined to fail. I mean look at how well unemployment works in the USA


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        So you prefer to slave away in a factory all day long then for just a little wage packet at end of the week whilst the fat cats and bosses and degenerates right at the top make millions off of your production ?. Most of the people are poor now mate stop been out of touch with reality.

        Also the government isn't paying for anything... It is ALL OUR TAX MONEY... not the governments. It isn't like the government is giving us anything for free... its us that give the government the money to start with... our tax dosnt just go on police, hospitals our tax gets wasted a lot and it goes on a lot of crap which I don't agree with and totally against.... however something like this I agree with.

        TRUE Socialism is BETTER than American corporate fascist globalist capitalism any day.

        also this give poor people monetary FREEDOM... something which poor and lower working people and a lot of people don't have and gives a constant safety net to people who are struggling...... but they is nothing stopping you climbing the ladder of promotion or getting a better job in order get even more money.

        makes perfect sense... you can work have more money or not work be poor but at least be able to live like a human with no stress of been homeless etc.

        and people can do voluntary work if they wish... helping other people... which people want to do but currently cant because they cant afford to.... basically everything I have said at the top of the page.

        Do you have a problem with helping people ?.
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          Fuck I just typed the best reply ever then TMB lagged out.... Simply put I see homeless people all the time. Always waiting for the 1st and 15th of month for government handouts. Then at those times no on is begging for money. Instead people are buying unnecessary shit like iPods and iPhones and every restaurant is stuffed full of people. Give it about a week then BAM everyone is back to begging because they blew the money they ALREADY received for free. So yes, in this case I do have a problem helping people. You can't fix stupidity. And in your example the rich and powerful CEOs and bosses would still be there, rich and powerful. Your example does NOTHING to support this now non existent middle class yet you expect the government to just pony up more dough like oh hey here is an allowance just for being alive


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            yeah I agree with top of what you said I arnt argueing aginst that. They is indeed people who get the money and waste it all straight away and people who abuse the system. They will have to learn to control themselves.

            But this helps the middle class as well.. Because everyone gets this new basic income not just poor people. So if the middle class are working and also have this to help boost them, then they are doing even better. More money means more freedom to do things you love also you don't have to work as much so you can spend more time with your family... surely that is the most important thing. Been with your family without having money worries.

            What annoys me is big companys and corporations are massively avoiding paying tax and yet the government dosnt do anything about it.... and its like corporations now control the governments because when the people vote a way the corporations don't like they threaten to leave... like in brexit the banks and some companies threatened to leave... I say FUCK THEM.. let them leave.... but still its like corporations are holding governments to ransom now purely because they want globalism to continue that way they can hire and exploit cheap labour and make it look like they been ''humane''.


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     me old fashioned ...but where the fuck do they get the money to give away ? As for volunteers..I agree it would give some more freedom to do so. BUT I also think anyone on welfare should be made to volunteer 40 hours a week for thier there be alot less on it lol


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                It would not help the middle class at all. The middle class will pay for it and then there is no middle class


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                  Worker, who do you think will pay for this?
                  Taxpayers, that's who.
                  So why give money out to take it away?
                  So bums like you get MORE of a free ride.

                  Also with extra capital being pushed into an economy, prices will hike on every day products that you will pay for, evening things out.

                  You are such a retard.


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                    maybe get thoughs big companys and corporations and the extreme rich to start paying they way instead of the government allowing them to dodge paying tax as I have already said... it is asthough its the corporations that run the world these days not the government.... new world order. Globalist corporate fascism.


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                      I think socialism is a bunch of BS

                      Throughout history we have seen groups get their money taken from them by the poor and kicked off their land. Always within 2-3 generations the group that has everything taken away from them reemerges and prospers and the group that took everything is back to being poor. This is because of human capital. Just look at the Jews.


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                        With the world changing.... with a growing population and less and less jobs because industries are disappearing or been replaced with robots...... they is gonna be a lot of people out of work...

                        How are people supposed to live ?..... one day this basic income is gonna have to happen.... If you want peace and law and order that is.


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                          I 100% agree with you MrWorker


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                            this is going to be a reality when the automation takes over most industries. When 90% of jobs go robot the 1st world nations will have to do something to keep the populations content. I know everybody thinks they can't be replaced but trust me a robot can do your job better and more efficient, you are a whiney little bitch that never stops complaining, missing work, taking vacations, lunches, breaks, go home to sleep, you want raises, benefits. personally, I can't wait this work shit isn't for me.


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                              And also when you look at jobs on jobsites every single job says you need experience in that specific field... Its like EHH ?... how are people suppose to get experience if these companies are so lazy and cant be assed training anyone up ??... and theys soo many people out of work it is ridiculous.

                              People are currently just existing and not living...