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Bishop & The_Queen Sitting in Tree

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  • Bishop & The_Queen Sitting in Tree

    S... T... E... A... L... ING...!

    1st comes the jack, 2nd comes the war, 3rd comes the part.... well we all know and see what is happening here!

    FoundHell will no longer be allowed to build a DU bank until PlayGround decides! Please oh please try! And congrats on conning 1 of your noobs to drop and kill Hollywood, thats a dam expensive Killer gold! But as your mail states "Get someone else to throw another pack for you and we will burn that one down to"..... well there old man, i see OCB is built, and yet you have not done shit, whats wrong? queens knees already sore from taking Demons punishment? or did you have to rent out that mouth to get that pack bought? just asking for a friend ....!