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  • You loons...

    Are nuts......

    grape nuts.

    Marketing strategy: infomercials/video communications
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    Annnnnddddd your still a fucking homo way to go


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      Swim trunks are not gym shorts.


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        Late one night an argument erupts at a local eatery after a gentleman smashes through the double doors yelling loudly and very clearly upset. A patron asks the angry gentleman as to why he is so livid. The gentleman tells the fast growing crowd about another gentleman he had ecounterd earlier in the eveining while preparing for a date night with his best lady from across the way. Strolling to his automobile the gentleman was rushed by the other gentleman who begun hassling and asking bunch of questions being a real jerk if you know what I mean. The two gentleman start fist fighting with each other.
        In which one of the patrons of the eatery says to the gentleman he should seek out the other gentleman like "you gotta find this guy and really teach the guy lesson". hoping for a bit of excitment for the patrons to participate in as the night had yet to lead to any adventures the patron continues with encouraging words on how the gentleman should go find the guy before he gets to far away. Into which the gentleman replies: "well he couldn't have got to far" and holds up a severed head for all the patrons of the eatery to see.
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