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Trump, Hilary, Obama, Politicians, Politics, Feminism etc Its ALL BULLSHEEEIITT

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  • Trump, Hilary, Obama, Politicians, Politics, Feminism etc Its ALL BULLSHEEEIITT

    Hahah oh dear. they is a lot of brainwashed people out there who are brainwashed to hell.

    and believe in all this crap that's going on.

    Trump is president because the elites freemasons have put him there... like Obama and all the others before... its all designed to be like this to cause division etc.. and the media which is freemasonic satanic as well like everything is like to stir it all up.... because it takes peoples mind OFF THE REAL THING.

    Just look at his inaguaration afterwards Obama and trump and Hilary are laughing and talking with each other yet they have totally opposite views and have said some reet sheeit towards each other... yet now they all buddy buddy ?..... ill tell ya what they laughing at they are laughing at all the idiots who believe it.... IT AS ALL BEEN PLANNED years ahead.

    Politics is all the same... two political partys basically the same except they might differ slightly on policy just to make it look like you have a choice... the illusion of choice and freedom... democracy dosnt exist and neither does free speech.

    Now you get all these feminazi and lgbt idiots marching... marching for what ??... The freemasons and Satanists use these... because these feminazis and lgbt organisations are basically destroying the nuclear family unit... and with that gone with women turning they backs on they men and children the house will crumble and will be weak... Like the bible says... a house devided cannot stand.... and that's what these feminazis are basically doing without realising it.... killing and enslaving themselves... in they deluded minds in the name of '''freedom''.... Freemasons do it in the name of Satanism..... because They go against God on everything because they the enemy of God... the enemy and traitor of humanity.

    ALSO ANOTHER THING.... they not just marching in USA... they also marching in my country and all across the world ??... WHY wtf have USA got to do with us ?....... But ill tell ya why, it is obvious... BECAUSE IT IS ALL CONNECTED... SATANIC GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER

    More and more people are waking up all to this minute by minute........ but we are still out numbered by the brainwashed to hell masses out there.

    but that's what the media and freemasons target... the mass audience which is still brainwashed and eat the blue pill..... and they try and use the mass audience to laugh and fight off THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WAKE THEM UP !! AND WHO EAT THE RED PILL !!.

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    here we go again.. worker and his conspiracy theories. Do you believe in chemtrails and little green men too?


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      dont believe in little green men because I don't believe in Aliens because space dosnt exist..

      Also they is far too much ''coincidence'' for all this to be a ''coincidence'' or a conspiracy.


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        The Fourth Reich has begun


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          hmmm. I think you've eaten too many of those red pills MrWorker.


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            Yes I can see very clearly now