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    The election is around the corner. You all need to remember it is only Trump who can make America great again. Not corrupt joe biden and not the useless democrats.

    Vote Trump!

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    sorry actually not sorry but i voted for him once i wont do it again its been nothing but a shit show from him


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      Joe Biden's brain's lliterally melting


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        Trump all the way


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          Originally posted by Turtle1 View Post
          The election is around the corner. You all need to remember it is only Trump who can make America great again. Not corrupt joe biden and not the useless democrats.

          Vote Trump!
          when was the time America was great ???


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            I'm voting trump and satisfied with his first term. I voted for Obama in 2012 and felt so disappointed. No way do I want to go back to that with biden. Trump is one of the best presidents we will ever have. Anyone after that will never be on his level.


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              Originally posted by braw View Post

              when was the time America was great ???
              From its beginning.
              The country that allows people to be who they choose to be.
              The country that doesn't persecute you based on religion or sexuality.
              The country that allows you to make a fortune and raise a family and live free.
              Even with all the flawed people in America, the country allows individuals the freedom to pursue happiness.

              It is up to you to ignore the negativity and live a happy life as millions of people do every day.
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              I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

              Gen. Mattis


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                a land where you could live how you wanted and believe what you wanted and if you didn't bother anyone it was all good. Slowly, that has changed like a slow-boiling pot you don't really know it's happening but it's happening and lately at a faster pace.

                laws, rules, taxes, mandates, restrictions, cancel culture, political correctness, racial nonsense has made America a lot less great!

                i mean damn we fought a war with the english because of taxes no taxation without representation back in the beginning now we have to wear a mask to go to the store. It's time to get our back bone back and our America

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                  As if the Trump taint licking isn't pervasive enough, you have to bring this into a goddamn game?

                  Besides signaling your receptiveness to being a power bottom, I don't see the reasoning behind this post.

                  Vermin Supreme 2020


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                    Already voted for the banter train choochoo trump 2020


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                      Vote trump He has made us a proud nation Plus made extra money available to keep That border nice and tight


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                        on behalf of my comrades thank you all for VOTING TRUMP

                        Thanks for

                        giving us Syria
                        giving us Lybia
                        letting us poison everyone we want with nuclear and chemical weapons
                        letting us build intermediate nuclear armed ballistic missiles and station them wherever we want
                        inviting us back to G8
                        placing bounties on your soldiers without consequences
                        increasing our gas and oil revenues
                        letting us hack your critical infrastructure like hospitals and nuclear power plants
                        letting us interfere in your election
                        dividing NATO
                        fueling Brexit
                        letting us develop new strategic nuclear weapons without restrictions. Burewestnik SSC-X-9-Skyfall FTW!!!!
                        Huge bet on fossil fuels (I guarantee you we have most undiscoverd oil and gas fields and no restrictions to use them all - not to mention when we start fracking)
                        Dividing your nation
                        hailing our fuhrer
                        not supporting belarus


                        Thanks for past 4 years. next 4 years this list will double or triple. thank you all

                        From Russia with Love