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  • international break up day

    December was official annual break up day.

    I kept the season going by breaking up.

    I still bought a gift tho . A 50 dollar gift certificate for

    Confessed to cheating and then gave the gift card.

    What ways did you break up in the past?

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    why do people break up or lose a job always just before Christmas ?. Is it because people want to have a shit Christmas or something ?.

    If you cheated she should have broke it off with you.. ive never understood what the point in having a relationship is for if you dirty people are just gonna go round cheating spreading diseases and other degenerate things.

    if I don't like someone I would have never got with them to start with.


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      Trust me Mr Worker

      You would have.

      And you also would have cheated.

      Ski season just started . Lifts are running and GF doesnt ski. It was an easy decision.

      Cheating is bad but I knew I would be breaking up on the 11th anyway so wtf .


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        thaaaa SLAAAAAAAAGGG


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          So why does she have to ski? I bet you don't shop so it's an easy trade-off. You ski and she goes shopping... and when you are both done you meet up back home and have some great sex.


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            Because he can't handle a woman who doesn't wanna be with him 24.7 ��


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              Skiing comes first...


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                My friends uncle left his wife and 3kids. to pursue his Latin dancing Career ... smh( true story)


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                  Originally posted by Sox33 View Post
                  My friends uncle left his wife and 3kids. to pursue his Latin dancing Career ... smh( true story)
                  Don't judge. Sometimes a man has to salsa.


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                    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                      I got dumped a couple times because gf doesnt like the cold.. doesnt like skiing, They don't get how much time I spend on the mountain and usually take 2 trips per year with friends. So it is usually inevitable that a breakup will occur. Saves me time over xmas having to do the family stuff with her and it also frees her up to do and meet someone else over the holidays. I do not want to be with someone 24/7. Its actually the opposite of that.

                      lol salsa . Thats not a good reason when you have kids .


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                        Originally posted by blink View Post
                        Don't judge. Sometimes a man has to salsa.
                        only salsa i like is the dip ahhh.... noo dancing or any sports or any that shite for me.


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                          I told my baby momma I would inform her of a permanent break up before I would ever fuck around on her with someone else. Basically I would let her know that it's all the way over and I met someone else. Although I would always help her and my son financially because she is the mother of my child. Adultery and theft are no no's in my book. I would most likely kill someone(over disrespect or vengeance) before I committed adultery (have sex with a married woman, or if I were married ,cheat) or stole from someone, although a multibillion dollar corporation or a big time drug dealer would make me think twice. Dick game kinda too strong though my bm won't break up but we kinda separated cuz she think I'm " too dominant " ...translation; I ain't gonna put my hands on her, but at the same time I'm not going to tolerate insubordination concerning financial matters or arguing with me in the presence of other people or my son. I'll haul ass before I'm emasculated or second guessed publicly.


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                            That says allot about your character little man, the fear of being emasculated. You must be inadequate in many aspect of your life if a bitch giving you shit gets all up under your skin.