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Where to Escape to when the New World Order comes ?

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  • Where to Escape to when the New World Order comes ?

    When the apocalypse comes they isn't gonna be no way to escape.


    When the New World Order comes where will you go ?, When it comes in its gonna be the final battle between good and evil and in the end it will be the righteous prospering and the wicked suffering.

    But in the meantime when NWO as just begun and martial law as been declared and soldiers are killing they own people lead by the evil demon commanders where will you go ?. You obviously cant stay in the big cities where all the major war and slaughtering is gonna be.

    I have good senses about stuff and the end times are getting closer every minute, I have it all worked out, I am stocking up on water and food and am gonna head straight to the forests ON FOOT no vehicles, where nobody else will be they should be harder to find me there, I am gonna keep totally out of the way of it all and off the grid totally out of the way of towns and cities and where camaras are. I will head to the mountains as well and keep on the move, ill dig my own little underground shelters for when winter comes and keep camouflaged and hunt for my food along the way, I have good senses about stuff and I am mentally strong and I can defend myself, i am intelligent so I know how to look after myself and keep myself warm, fed and hydrated etc I have it all planned out, for every situation.

    Obvioudly they'll be looking for me and people in the forests and mountains BUT I will have a better chance of survival then people who are lazy and didn't plan an escape and are left in the cities to face DEMOCIDE

    A lot of people say I am crazy the brainwashed drones anyway

    But when the End comes youll need a guy like me

    if I was you id get planning now.
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    Go to church


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      Good luck pushing all those food and water stocks BY FOOT into the Woods.


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        Did you just finish binge watching doomsday preppers?


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          To my house, I got weed


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            I'll bring a box of crispy creams...


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              Originally posted by Sox33 View Post
              I'll bring a box of crispy creams...
              Bring lots
              Winter is coming


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                I have the entire box collection of Gilmore Girls on bluray. Comes with bonus incest lesbian action.


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                  "bonus incest lesbian action"?

                  let the new world order come!
                  It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                    Nunavut should be safe