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Keep seeing the words ''White Supremecist'' More and More

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  • Keep seeing the words ''White Supremecist'' More and More

    Its funny cos 10 years ago even 5 years ago the words ''White Supremacist'' was only used for people who where extreme neo Nazis with black Nazi tattoos covering they whole white body and where in prison for murder or whatever.

    Yet now... white supremacist is used for EVERYTHING.... the word is being over used... now even if any ordinary normal white person as pride in they race which is natural, or is against degenerate liberalism or against race mixing and wants to stick with they own kind which is natural again, like blacks and Asians like to stick to they own kind or criticizes BLM or criticizes Israel etc... they are instantly classed as a ''White supremacist''.

    as I say the word is being over used and because of that its losing meaning.. like racism it as no meaning anymore because it is soo over used. If you so slighty disagree with someone your instantly classed as a racist white supremacist.

    They is no racism or sexism in the western world anymore so these words no longer should be used here

    THEY IS HOWEVER A HELL OF A LOT OF REAL RACISM AND SEXISM... in Africa, Zimbabwe for instance... and in Muslim countrys, the middle east and in ASIA.

    Why don't these SJW'S fuck off out of the western world and go and campaign in these countrys ?. Because they weak and they'll have they heads chopped off that's why. And the feminazis will be made to cook dinner in the kitchen AHHH and forced to wear towels on they heads n sheeit.

    It is so obvious... they is an agenda against us.