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  • 60 to 15

    The current protection time is 60 seconds max.
    I feel like it would be more challenging at 15 seconds max.
    players wouldn’t be able to protect forever with 15 max. Also revenges would have more meaning . I can chase someone that killed me forever and he can kill, collect, loot, dance while protecting.

    what you guys think? Wouldn’t it be more exciting as well as more strategic. Obviously maxing would be in the game still.

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    I agree, or else set a max number of continuous minutes you can maintain protection per hour. The original purpose of protection was not to offer a means of avoiding attack indefinitely. It was put in place so that if you chose to build and defend during a battle, you had teh opportunity to rehire and arm, rather than getting re-zero'd the moment you start rebuilding.

    allowing protection to be extended a maximum of 5 times per hour then making it unavailable until the next toh would largely offer the same chance to fight back w/o creating the "shield of invincibility" that currently exists as long as you have turns.


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      I indeed agree that some change could be made, but hiring for protection is a vital mechanic that separates the "killers" from the killer of offline DU's

      No one really cares if you kill them in their sleep.. But there is massive adrenaline at start of round when builds are starting off during a war. when all players are online and watching.

      My problem is the potential use of macros to auto hire.