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Tmb porello times : Queen elizabeth ii and donald trump

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  • Tmb porello times : Queen elizabeth ii and donald trump

    Good morning/evening TMB !

    And welcome to another edition of TMB PORELLO TIMES
    Tonight's stories are combined and we are speaking on about both two of the biggest names in history to remember one is queen Elizabeth the second who is the commonwealth head via monarchy and Donald trump the future president of the USA best known for his role as the apprentice TV show boss who fires the worst workers !

    The queen of England who holds the biggest net worth in the world made up off the biggest land ownership in the world today which makes of 6,600 million acres of land value of more then 16 trillion dollars , Due to rates and changes the valuations varies each month but is set at the 15 trillion as a financial security .
    As the head of the commonwealth and the queen of England would she be inviting Mr future president trump to the 2017 visit on winning his election? Meanwhile UK parliament did once debate the banning on mr trump due to his speech and the attacks on usa allies and trade agreements with leaders of the biggest trading countries in the world.

    Is this subjected to COLLATERAL DAMAGE ?

    we will soon find out if the queen will soon invite the future of the president of united states to the 2017 visit to the united kingdom .


    Meanwhile Mr trump was interviewed stating that all the protesting on racial sectors must stop and will do what he can to try and convince this sort of behavior to end

    thanks for reading

    I am kingie porello giving you updates of the world
    reporting from TMB
    this is TMB PORELLO TIMES!