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When Your Time Is Up --- ITS UP - Immoral Cryo-Freezing

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  • When Your Time Is Up --- ITS UP - Immoral Cryo-Freezing

    Science just keeps on adding more and more immoral stuff to the list that they do.

    Such as

    designer babies
    trans gendering
    particle accelerator to try and change our reality and create a portal to hell.

    whats next... trans racialing ? choosing your own race ?. Doing a micheal Jackson ?.

    haha ridiculous.

    But Now they is this thing... Cryo freezing... some mental people want to freeze themselves after they die so they can be frozen and ''re awakened'' some how in the future... its just stupid.

    Why on earth would anyone want to come back alive in the future when no family or friends or ANYTHING will be the same as it was and your totally alone ?.

    Who the hell wants to live forever anyway ?. I don't and I would NEVER want anything done to me like this and if any family member or friend want this done id disown them.

    It is just sick and immoral and unethical..... what about so called '' over population '' as well.... I don't believe it exists... but if it does surely THIS makes no sense at all ?.

    None of this makes sense to my common sense and logic and sane and Godly mind.

    ....... the world is heading to hell ahh and I thank God for not giving me a woman and making me not interested in them anymore... because I don't know if I want to bring my children into this disgusting and immoral world.

    scientists and people trying to play God all the time.

    People need to accept when your times up your times up. Whether that's the minute your born or 100 yrs from birth.

    I think its just immoral and selfish. But that's the world we live in these days.. a greedy sinful godless world.

    the end times.
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    Smh... Don't care how far in the future it is, when you die you can't come back end of story, it can be done with black magic , tho its not the same person...

    You can recarnate back in this world, when you're karma is balanced out...


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      Can I get the shorter version of this in English ?


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        Worker. I agree with you. Nobody wants you to live forever.
        In fact, the shorter your life, the better for everyone.


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          Originally posted by bLiNd_is_back View Post
          Worker. I agree with you. Nobody wants you to live forever.
          In fact, the shorter your life, the better for everyone.
          I disagree, I would love to shove MrWanker in a chest freezer for 100 years or so...
          LLSU FYUU LLBU


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            Not like we'll last much longer on this planet


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              Capobianco was hur.


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                Heard hur firstes folks. once your time is up - IT UP - Do not pass go, go straight to cryogenic freezing process


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                  Its Immoral... but people these days are.

                  But I rejoice Because I know THE LORD IS COMMING VERY SOON .


                  WHEN YOUR DEAD YOUR DEAD !! and you will STAY dead until the JUDGEMENT


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                    THE BODY IS JUST A SHELL

                    The SOUL is YOU and the life force which powers the body... and when you die your soul goes back to God... and your shell is left empty and lifeless and shall remain like that.. Untill judgement.