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Hate Crime FALSE FLAGS and Thomas Mair an INNOCENT MAN

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  • Hate Crime FALSE FLAGS and Thomas Mair an INNOCENT MAN

    Thomas Mair... the guy who supposedly killed the MP in UK is a clear load of rubbish.... it happened a few days before the referendum on E.U and it was OBVIOUS it was done in order to spread negativity on people voting to leave and to try and stop people from voting to leave..

    Same in USA now with all the non existant so called hate crimes that are happening now Donald trump as won the election.... they don't exist... they false flags attacks. Like the Islamic terror attacks are false flags.... WHY ON EARTH when people have got what they wanted then go out and ruin it by attacking people ? or why would anyone attack anyone ANYWAY ?... it just dosnt happen. UNLESS people are mental.

    its all done by the government and MK ULTRA.

    Look at the picture of Thomas mair..... HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A MURDERER to me. He looks like a normal nice guy who kept himself to himself. He even as a black brother who said he wasn't political at all.

    If he did do the killing.. then he wasn't in is own state of mind that's for damn sure.... he would have been kidnapped by the government and then MK ULTRA brainwashed to kill her.

    Look at the pictures of all the mass shooters as well they all look dopey as hell like they have been brainwashed like they not actually there, they in a world of they own.


    people need to wake up. its all designed in order to spread fear and division. and keep people off the ULTIMATE COVER UP.. GOD AND THE FLAT EARTH AHHH.
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    Ted Bundy didn't look like a murdere...


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      Im fucking fed up of it this shitsah


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        The CIA in the 60's and I'm assuming the Russians, were fucking around with mind control, it's in a move I watch manchu candidate, it stared that chick from murder she wrote...


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          What does a murderer look like exactly?


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            straight away when this happened I knew it wasn't real STRAIGHT AWAY