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10+ year badges?

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  • 10+ year badges?

    i wonder what the percentage of players who are "active" these days, have badges of 10+ years or more, seems most i see, most bosses, spenders, etc are all holding the "10+"
    and i know some that dont that have lost original accounts and would have them if so lol ....

    seems its sometimes hard to crack the "TMB" community for a sense, i have known a lot of you for almost 14 years.... i know many of you by 1st name, where ya live, we've talked about kids, life, see the good, bad, and ugly with this game, and so-on, there is a weird stigmata that this game has created for not only my life, but i know the lives of many of you, most have had breaks, up to that person for how long, mine was over 6 years, but now i have been back nearly a year and its like this game, the friends, the silly dramas, etc has not lost a beat, and just like it did then, holds a place in my daily routines, as much sometimes as i wish it didnt, it does, and im happy to be apart of the real "10plus" group,


    Kimbo aka Jason!!

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    yes, definitely a lot of old schoolers around playing on “newer” accounts. I have a 12 year badge, but been on tmb for 14 years in January. Thanks a lot, Bushmaster!


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      No 16 yr badge?

      Dont even @ me


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        Originally posted by tagme View Post
        Thanks a lot, Bushmaster!
        Long Live Bushmaster!!