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Homerta - quantity over quality?

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  • Homerta - quantity over quality?

    How the heck did this band of ass pirates manage to get their shit pushed in yet again by Traphouse.

    How do you lose a turbo so badly when you have 3 times as many members as anybody else. How you ask? This is how...

    They. Are. Dogshit.

    What did they do to celebrate dirtynicks birthday? Lost to traphouse, happy birthday Nick.

    How did they show support to Secret in 1040.. by losing horribly.. good job guys..

    why do none of them know how to build? Why do any of them act like killers? Who even won the lamest civil war I've ever seen? From outside it looks like pete and his squad of goofs got dominated and submitted. Why is Saintbread so emotionally attached to certain other spenders by the teet. IS HE NOTHING MORE THAN A LAPDOG?

    Saying Traphouse wont win another round must leave those guys with the same feeling parents have when they tell their kids that santas real..

    Homerta are the kind of guys to get punched in the face and immediately turn around and walk away while screeching "BUT I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING".

    Does anybody actually believe homerta are in a position to dictate anything lol? We're not buying what they're selling..

    what do you guys think?

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    In my opinion I think Omertà need to be careful of what they wish for in regards to saying Traphouse won’t win another round. We all know what happened to Pe We and the demise of Foundhell when Sextoy did them dirty.


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      In reply to breads self deleted post "looks like you're not in your own loop, idiot"

      Just calling it like it is, change my mind.
      Last edited by Tinman; 06-25-2020, 12:15 PM.


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        'From outside it looks like pete and his squad of goofs got dominated and submitted'

        is this coming from the same family that had shyane g with them??

        just calling it like it is..change my mind!!

        p.s them squad of "goofs" the round before had my message box and skype pretty active with who is so and so..can you please tell them to stop hitting!! but hey that's another story.. there is no need for a response..i keep it simple keep me out of your" LOOK AT ME POST"

        we know that after anything TH does they always need to come to the boards and fulfill their narcissistic needs for attention and gratification(only a few)..keep it moving with your delusions of grandeur.. ITS THE TH WAY!!!!

        p.s.s at least say who you are ..but tinman works..he was always looking for a HEART!!


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          Was there a back door deal made and th renigged? Or did they just take the win bc their fam happened to do better?

          Just an innocent bystander asking


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            Hey petepatsy. Nobody cares. Go cry into a bucket full of dicks.

            IDC traphouse won because they were better.


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              Originally posted by Tinman View Post
              Hey petepatsy. Nobody cares. Go cry into a bucket full of dicks.

              IDC traphouse won because they were better.
              thats the best you seem to have lost the one cares about your 3 paragraph drivel on winning a meaningless turbo on an online game..i love how to "try" and sound witty it is so cringy..when using macros as you consider winning..your a JIZOKE!! you do remind me of shayne g and that's even a stretch!!


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                Mean you won because matty or brad and mike bought in and queen dumped her won turns to get it


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                  Idc with the critical breakdown of how turns are used to generate networth in tmb. Nice!


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                    Im just a retard and dont know anything and a fam whore was only a suggestion


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                      Mommy daddy stop fighting.


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                        *eats mass popcorn *


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                          Locked and loaded


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                            I had my first ever round in Omerta last round, it was so bad I resigned to join what I thought was the last of the old school families in the game, only to find I was subjected to an alliance board with, Omerta.
                            I have it on good authority Omerta will be culling all the deadwood next round so I expect that means they will be disbanding and ceasing the continuation of the blight all involved are putting on what was once a great and feared TMB institution.
                            I took the preemptive decision to remove myself from the family as I clearly bring nothing to the table.
                            That being said, i do believe I was carrying the massive weight of their self inflated expectations on my shoulders, all that from within, the still currently Nameless family, a truly independent old school family, currently operating from the confined spaces between PeteNasty's weeping hemorrhoids.
                            This begs the question, has Nameless finally found a name? Omerta's Bitches, has a nice ring to it.

                            Fuck this shit, im off to join the Circus.
                            TheButchersUnion LLKK LLUCC
                            Skidmark_United GWLC FYUU
                            NaMeLeSs 4THE29


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                              Massively inflated expectations? If you actually knew a damn thing besides maybe how to jump families when someone calls you on your BS you’d know that I personally build and collect any thing more that’s need... Since you wanna go posting stories why don’t you tell the TMB-Verse how you really only left cause you got mad that I told you I had no Fkn idea who you were nor care because it was obvious you joined to rank not be on the team...

                              Which is exactly why your ass was #1 on my list to toss in the trash or send off to Southside where you might be happy doing nothing.